yea everyboy wants to date me but for nothing they all end up dumping me but charlie is not one of those boys (swear words involved in the story and battles too )


8. don't talk to me

i woke up and one chance we where sunday cuz i slept in alot like alot alot i got up and did a little singh i was thinking did jerry make me break up with charlie all cuz he din 't like him....... nah i have full trust i jerry he's my best friend we've been best friends since we where toddlers well i walked into the kitchen and made a toast ''you too'' i said looking down at rocky ''fine'' i threw a slice of bread on the floor for rocky and i made a simple nutella toast i looked on my phone and saw 'new text from charlie ' i hesitated but i opend it

''why did you break up with me?''-charlie

''im running low im sorry but i had have to go ,and maybe i will never feel ,you gave me something so real,im running low im sorry but i have to go''-sarah

''you din't have to go''-charlie

''im running low all cuz of you ''-sarah

''no but i can explain''-charlie

''nope just don't talk call or text me ever again''-sarah

''let me explaine tho''-charlie

''shut up and don't i don't care about you anymore i don't love you anymore bye"-sarah


i deleted his number and turned my phone off ''rocky i wanna get a horse living in the country is'nt fun without a horse'' he got up and wagged his tail ''let's go'' i leashed him and put my sneakers on i got rocky in the car and drove to a rescue farm when we got there i was surprised how much horses their where


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