yea everyboy wants to date me but for nothing they all end up dumping me but charlie is not one of those boys (swear words involved in the story and battles too )


2. date?

great today is march break me and charlie have been talking abit and it makes about 3-4 weeks ive had rocky best dog ever i opend my phone seeing i got a text from charlie

''hey you free tonigth at 6 ''-charlie


''well wanna go out''-charlie 

i looked at rocky should i bud he wagged his tail meaning go for it 


''ill pick you up at 6 see ya 😘"-charlie

''see ya xD"-sarah 

i closed my phone and looked at rocky ''i better get ready pick out some nice clothes '' i said walking into the shower and starting the water ''good bye mop hair'' i said looking in the mirror at my logan paul hair i got in without my clothes obviously i got out and got dressed a nice black dress man rocky is so good in fasion i put the dress on and saw  it was 5 almost 6 shit i brushed my hair and blow dried it i made my hair look less into a mop if i was at home mom would of helped me or even strider would of but i decided to leave cuz im mature enougth i got out of the bathroom ''how do i look rocky'' he braked and wagged his tail meaning amazing i smiled and the door bell rang i walked down and opend the door charlie was there in a suit all fancy so did i get all fancy ''ready '' i said exited ''hell yea'' i laughed and closed the door leaving rocky alone he was gonna be fine we drove to a resturant a fancy one we orderd and had a great nigth yea i do kinda love charlie he brang me back home and walked me to the door ''i had a great nigth '' i said looking into his eyes ''me to'' we leaned in and kissed shit i don't want to get dumped again he pulled away and left i walked in and got dressed confty and made my hair into a mop ''rocky coutch'' i ran to the coutch and sat down as rocky sat down ''ok so me and charlie kissed'' i said trying not to jump around rocky layed on my lap and calmed me down ''we should watch the dolan twins '' i put youtube on the tv and watched the dolan twins gymnastic challenge i laughed hard when grayson failed and ethan too ''ohh rocky watch what ethan does'' i said as it was the ballence beam one ethan tried to do the split in the air then grayson tried to do a backflip but failed i laughed hard and fell asleep on the coutch with rocky  

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