yea everyboy wants to date me but for nothing they all end up dumping me but charlie is not one of those boys (swear words involved in the story and battles too )


4. break up

i woke up this morning thinking about charlie he wont text me at all and he's never at my games why he never has stuff to do he can't forget about his girlfriend i got dressed into my jake paul hoodie and sweat pants with my maverick socks and sat on the coutch with rocky ''let's go get a little friend for you'' i went to a pet friendly mall and went to the pet store and looked at the dogs rocky was very intrested into a female husky he was bigger than her too ''hello mr may i get the dog my dog's sitting infront off'' i  said pointing to rocking ''of course'' he leashed the dog and gave her to me i payed him and said thanks ''two doggy's '' i said once we got out of the pet store ''imma call you mini cuz your small'' i walked to the pet shop and got a collar made like rocky's i got other bowls and more dog food i was walking past a store and saw charlie with a girl i knew it was'nt his sister or a sibling ok so im done with this stuff if he comes over its done literaly done i put the stuff in my car and got the dogs in we got home and i put mini's collar on i should have castrated rocky i find their sweeter not castrated shit what if i get puppies i rolled my eyes and put down mini's bowls next to rocky's i filled them both up with food and water then i sat down and watched America's got talent i heard a knock on the door and awnserd charlie great bad time ''hey why don't you text me anymore'' i said as rocky came barking ''shut up rocky'' i said he sat down ''about that'' i looked down ''i saw you at the mall with another girl '' i said almost crying ''i can explain'' i looked back up ''where done out'' he stayed ''out'' i almost yelled ''out now charlie''  ''i wont go''  ''i said where done so get out now!!'l i yelled he walked out and i closed the door behind him i ran upstairs and crashed on my bed crying rocky jumped on my bed and licked me ''i know rocky but i had to i can't stand being dumped once more'' i said crying harder i ended up falling asleep and him leaving  

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