yea everyboy wants to date me but for nothing they all end up dumping me but charlie is not one of those boys (swear words involved in the story and battles too )


3. believe

so now it makes a week that me and charlie are an official couple yay but bad news my old dog just died rocky is the best pal ever but i had one when i was at home chance just died the boys noticed at football i was distracted ''come on put more power '' i was trying my hardest but i could'nt we finished practice and i ingnored the boys ''hey what's wrong sarah tell me '' jerry pleaded '' go away '' i said moving away ''no im not i don't want my bestie to suffer i know there's something wrong '' i looked down and smiled abit i loved it when he pleaded ''just go away '' i said he looked over and pushed me on the floor ''usualy the sarah who is not sad would get me '' he said i smiled and got up ''your gonna regret it so bad jerry'' i started to run after him pushing him on the floor just having a laugh he could always cheer me up it's like all the sadness left me and went behind we played for another hour pushing eachother around running doing anything just having a laugh after we got changed we watched the kids play football on the field '' sarah'' i heard a familiar voice say behind me i nudged jerry with my shoulder getting his attention he turned around and saw the last one who dumped me he cheated infront of me on purpose ''jack'' i said turning around after jerry ''so i faugth you quited football after that cuz you where never good enough for me or for playing football '' i saw jerry get pissed he was my best friend and he want's to protect me he knows everything we been friends since the first football practice ever we were around 6 ''jerry stand back '' i said holding him back with my arm i walked up to jack and kicked him in the balls he punched me a few times after but i din't give up soon jerry joined in and charlie too i sat down at the gate and cried i never do but it brang back the sadness of chance back he just reminds me of chance cuz they where best friends the boys got him away and jerry sat next to me ''you ok '' he said gently ''yea im fine '' i said trying to sound fine ''no your not the sarah i know never says 'im fine ' when your not '' i looked up ''jack just reminds me of chance cuz chance died today and him and chance where best friends '' i said almost crying ''come on ill cheer you up '' i got up and followed him we went back to the football field and went to help with the kids it was amazing knowing kids would admire you ''hello what position do you play in'' a little girl asked me ''im defense '' she looked up ''defense me too i play defense '' she jumped around i smiled i teached her how to be a good defense player when their practice was done i went home and took rocky on a walk ''rocky promise me your never gonna forget me '' we walked to the football field and played abit with the ball then went home and went to sleep

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