yea everyboy wants to date me but for nothing they all end up dumping me but charlie is not one of those boys (swear words involved in the story and battles too )


20. again

i woke up and decided to stay home and just chill playing video games 

i put gta5 on and play i played for a while then i changed it to call of duty after call of duty black ops then call of duty black ops 2 i played for a good half of the day

logan was chilling on the coutch and i was playing video games i heard logan tell someone to fuck off so i got out my room ''sarah let me in'' charlie said logan was holding him back ''logan let him '' logan stoped and i went to my room ''why do you always want me '' i said getting into my room ''because i want you back ''he said taking my hand i shoved him away ''i moved on and im never going back'' i said fustrated ''i don't care about you anymore your not part of my life anymore so why don't you fuck off '' i said ''if you don't care about me then i don't care about you '' he threw me into the wall meaning figth me i got up and closed my eyes -don't let fear take over you can beat anyone .....anyone- ''don't let fear take over'' i wisperd that's it all i had wad fear i opend my eyes and threw charlie on the floor he never had time to punch me before i could punch him ''logan charlie tried to rape me '' i yelled from my room logan ran in and got charlie out for good ''you ok'' i smiled and nodded ''he din't really trie to rape me he just tried to beat me up but this girl got some skills '' i saw logan was reliefed he left and i went on youtube on my phone i saw jake made a new song called the logang sucks i listening to it and ran to logan ''hey lo listen to this '' i put on the song part of the video ''it's on'' he said i walked back to my room and kept playing my video games 

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