yea everyboy wants to date me but for nothing they all end up dumping me but charlie is not one of those boys (swear words involved in the story and battles too )


9. 1 or more

as i walked in all the stalls where full of horses they where all skinner and all looked abused i walked around seeing no one i looked in the front and saw a board said 'out of buisness fell free to have any horse you want'' they left these horses i took a decision a big one bye them or bye the land with all the animals i decided number 2 i went to the owners and they gave it to me for 200 dollars cheep enough i ran back with rocky and i gave all the horses food and proper care i looked in a stall with a foal in i din't see a mare with it i went in and looked at the little horse ''colt'' i wisperd i looked at his injury he had fur ripped off and a wound on his side i took my stuff and helped him i wrapped it up and gave the foal loads of water and food i went to see if their was other animals but none i cleaned out the outside pastures and then looked at my texts '5 missed calls ' i cheacked who tried to call me charlie charlie charlie charlie and charlie god he won't give up 

''charlie stop calling me it's done '' i yelled into the phone as he picked up ''no but-'' i cut him off again ''shut it i don't want to hear any excuses i hate you for cheating on me everything so don't try or ill get big jack to get you'' i hung up and went back into the barn


i looked around and saw a picture of a black horse ''a rodeo horse how could someone do this to such an amazing horse''i walked over to the same horse ''hey boy''i petted his face ''how could someone hurt you'' i looked at his name whrited on the box ''killer'' i looked down and saw ''the worst horse ever'' i looked back up ''new name...buster'' his ears pointed up i smiled i walked around and looked at the other horses names they where all good names i decided to go home 

i was walking home when i met the same guy who told that creep to fuck off at the vet ''hey '' he said ''hi'' i said nicely ''your the one who was at the vet '' i nodded and he smiled ''yep''  i smiled back ''can i get your number '' i nodded and we exchanged phones i gave him mine he game me his ''i never introduced myself ..... im logan.logan paul'' my eyes widen i got the number of logan paul ''im sarah fox''  ''cool last name'' i smiled ''thanks i should get going'' i said ''me too see ya around'' i waved and he waved back shit was i falling in love with logan paul 

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