Something Shadowy

A set of witch detectives looking into some grusome murders.


2. chapter 2

  Melanie got a call from local cop that was patrolling Mrs. Pinkles block.  She called the station for specialist to go to that road,to find out what type of cloaking spell was used. Then she quickly call Cedric let him know about the call."Yeah he was seen leaving the area,but not entering any of the houses. Got people going out in the morning to to scan for cloak spell."reply Melanie,going over the files again. 
   Cedric was in a corner booth in the back of Forever club,he sat where he can see whole club. He was about to leave, when Zamora office lights went out,but no one came out. Cedric went around to the back of the club, to see Zamora penned up agaist wall by by two demons. "Freeze right there,slowly drop the man,and step away from him right now."order Cedric,with a fire ball aim at the demons.  The men drop Zamora and step away from him as ordered. "Mr. Zamora do you wish to file charges agaist these men?" ask Cedric. "No sir I do not ,it was a misunderstanding that's all."answer Zamora. "Is that so?"asking Cedric, looking at the two demons. "Yep just a misunderstanding."answer the one on the left. "Ok you two need to leave now."said Cedric,adding,"Mr. Zamora please come back into the club with me."
    After walking back into the club, Cedric turn toward Zamora and ask,"What was that about?" "Nothing much I owe money to someone,and I'm late on payments."answer Zamora. Not sure if he was telling him the truth or not, Cedric deside to change the subject. They talked well into the night over few dranks. Back in his car, he record the time that he found Zamora in ally and when he stop talking to him. Soon he got home, he type everything into his computer.
     While Cedric and Zamora talked over dranks earlier. A young witch was walking to her dorm from a friends house. Unaware of the dangers that lie up ahead. The street lights went out right before she reach her dorm building. She didn't even get to scream out for help, before the her neck was broken with one quick twist. The largest of the demons drop the lighter by her body.
    The next morning, at the scene Melanie found the lighter with big red Z in the middle," Lookie here, you think this may stand for Zamora?" Cedric look at it,"Maybe , but I know for a fact he wasn't here. The coroner said the death between eleven pm and one am. I can vouch for Zamora where abouts during that time." He went on to tell her what had happen the night before at the club. "Well dam I was hoping we had this case wrap up just now,but nope someone is playing with us."reply Melanie, turning around saying ,"We might as well go to the college again."
    The dean wasn't to please to see the detectives again, "This is getting quite tiresome."stated Mrs.Pinkles. "Yes I agree with you on that."said Melanie taking the file and key. After going thru the room finding nothing to help the case.They were on thier way to Forever club to snoop around.
     "Is it me or was Mrs. Pinkles acting strange today?"ask Cedric. "Nope it's not just you, I got a feeling something was off with her today also."answer Melanie. Just then the radio came to life, "Detective Walters got a detective Logan out of Sumville on the line for you." "Patch him thru please."said Melanie, curious to know what he wanted. "Hello detective, I've got a body  found in a pond here, from your area. Found one of your business cards and a college key on the body."
   After few more minutes of talking with Logan, Melanie and Cedric did a u-turn toward Sumville. About half hour later, they walk into Sumville police station, and few minutes later followed Logan to the coroner's office. "This here is Mr. Goldmen our coroner."said detective Logan. "Hello, detectives follow me to the second table."said Mr.Goldmen. In front of them lay a corpse that didn't look like she spend time in a pond. "Can you guys and lady tell me what's strange about this on here."?ask the coroner. 
   "She looks like she dry, haven't spend any time in a can that be?"ask Melanie. "I assume a spell was or is being  use."answer Mr. Goldmen, walking to nearest file cabinet. He came back to the table with a vile of yellow powder. "This should break the spell if it's still in use."said Goldmen, as he pour the powder over the body. Right in front of them, the body change into someone they had recognize. "Well son of a mockey's uncle, it's Dorma Pinkles, the college dean."said Cedric. Melanie ran out of the office, call to report their findings,and send a car to pick the fake Dorma in.
    On their way back to town, Melanie filled Cedric in on what the she found out while she was on the phone earlier. " Gotten the report back on where the cloak spell was at. When the cop saw Jasper leaving from Mrs. Pinkles block the other night,he came out of her house."said Melanie, "I told them to go pick him up." "Well I got call back from Luis,that's he trying to keep from stepping on what maybe Jasper Troy. They found what's left of him,when they went to pick him up,they deside to force his door open when no answer and what appear to be blood was on the door mat."Cedric shook his head, "Just got text from the boys, still haven't found the other Mrs. Pinkles yet." "Could be the demon change faces again."repy Melanie.
    At Jasper Troys house, it was a mess. Very few people were allow inside at one time to avoid messing up the crime scene. Cedric and Melanie both at same time,"That was a over kill," when they saw the living room. "I agree with you on that. It's very hard not to step on piece of the guy."said crime tech, trying to bag up all of Jasper Troy. "Ahh thank goodness we don't have that job."said Cedric. "Amen, bad enought having to look at it, must sucks to have try to pick it up."reply Melanie.
   They search the house and yard coming up empty handed. "He had to be somehow involved in these murders,but what part he played I'm not sure yet."said Cedric. "This is just a hunch right now, but I think he might had ask these girls out,earning their trust ." said Melanie, "got them drunk then as they leave to go home, he point them out to the killers. "Or he had help from the college to get their address, the killer waited to strike."reply Cedric. "Could be any of those guess or all of them. Anyway how you want to do  Mrs. Pinkles house and office, you want to split it up?"ask Melanie. "Yeah I'll take the house."answer Cedric,"I knew coming here in our own cars would help."  Right before they left the Troy's crime scene, standing in the driveway. "Cedric be careful, let's check in with each other with in the hour ok." said Melanie. "OK, you be careful to."reply Cedric climbing into his truck.
   Cedric walk up to the dark house, he mutter a few words, the house lighten up so he can see. He search the house, ended up in the basement. The basement held a home office,and a personal gym. He search the small desk, finding a diary of Dorma's.While he was reading thru it, he got the feeling to turn around. He just turn in nick of time to dodge the first blow of a pipe. Being swung by a shadow demon,he grab the pipe,and shoved it right thru the demon. He turn to run up the stair,only to run into more of them. He try to reach his gun,only to be knock out with his hand on his gun.
   At that same time, Melanie was going thru file cabinets. She found a large brown envelope , tape under one of the drawers. She then open it up, finding a piece of paper with the names of each victims,and a note saying read out loud. So she did, "Olivia Aston, Emily Vaugh, Violeta Cole, Tati Irby, Alisha Forman,and Raynette Yates. The letters started to move around to reveal the names of six men, and type of demons they were. "Well son of,"she was interupted by a sharp pain in the left arm.
     Melanie jump quickly in the left to keep from getting cut again by a shadow holding a knife. "You're pay for that you sorry mother."again she was interupted by the laughing of a second and third shadow demons. Melanie smile and started throwing fire balls at the attacking demons. After two cuts and many bruises,and many fire balls later,she was the last one standing. She ran to her car, hoping she wasn't going to find a body. She repeatly called Cedric phone getting no answer.
    Melanie pulled on to the block where the dean's house was located at. She saw the flashing lights of police cars and coroner van. She hit her breaks, jumps out running toward the house. Running right into Luis, Whoa whoa,Melanie he's not here." Knowing she was looking for Cedric. "Where is he,is he ok?"ask Melanie slightly afraid of the answer. "He's alive, but beat up pretty good. He was taken to the hospital not to long ago."reply Luis, turning to finish taking pictures of newest crime scene. While she was getting patch up in the ambulance, she fill the captain in on all she knew.
      Melanie walk into Cedric hospital room,"Well well look like I'm not the only one gotten whip on tonight." "You look better than me."reply Cedric. "Yeah maybe so, but I feel like a mac-truck hit me. Gotten few butterflies stitches,and wore out using magic."said Melanie. She sat next to the bed,and told him all that had happen at the dean's office. He told her all he could remeber before his light went out."I'm gonna rest here tonight with you.In the morning I'm gonna end this."said Melanie,laying down on a cot next to Cedric. "Oh baby didn't know you like that!"said Cedric with a very big grin, adding "Be easy on me,I'm hurt." "I believe that's the drugs kicking in,other wise I would tell you where to go."said Melanie. Laughing,"I'm betting that's not to heaven."reply Cedric.
     Melanie looked at the sheet of paper,with the names of the six men again.Only one remain,that's the one who hired the shadow demons to do his dirty work. She hope he wasn't aware she knew what he was and had an idea who he mite be pretending to be today. She got on her phone to call in some extra help, while hatching out a plan to end this mess.Sure enough the man wasn't aware of his cover being blown. He was in front of a mirror, talking out loud,"I look pretty dam good, I must say. What do you think?ask the man, turning to the real Rex Rupert chain to a wall in his basement. Only getting mumble replys from the gaged Mr. Rupert.
     Across town Melanie was talking to the team that a asign to her,letting them know what type of demon they were facing shortly. "Now he's a half breed, he a mix of shadow and mimic demon. We will have to be very careful."said Melanie, adding "every team knows their places and parts, so lets get started." Everyone pile out of the conference room. Except two teams of five officers,that was also witches. "Ok this is it, there's gonna be alot to get done,before the battle start. Ya'll five start as soon as we leave the room."said Melanie.She and five others walk out to bring a killer to justice. The five that stay, started chanting a spell to help everyone see the demon for who he really was, no matter who he was pretending to be.
   Melanie gotten a call,"Ok thanks, keep watch be there soon."she said closing her cellphone. Turning toward her team,"He's now at the gym, you two stay out side og the gym. The rest of us is going to go work out a little."said Melanie. Bout the time she and her team reached the gym, the scecond team called in to report they found the real Rex Rupert,and he was on his way to the hospital. She told them to secure the house, and then get Mr. Rupert statement as soon as possible.
    Melanie and her team spread out in the gym. She and another officer walk up to the man playing hand ball alone. "Hello Mr. Rupert, need to talk to you again."said Melanie. "What now I told you everything, I don't have nothing to say."reply the fake Mr.Rupert. "Yeah well I don't believe you,  Mr. Lee Xong."said Melanie backing up just in case of a attack. The man's image started to change in front of everyone. "So you think you figured it out huh."said Lee. "We will learn everything down at the station. While few more officers came closer to assist in taking him in.  Everyone had a fire ball ready to be thrown.
   "Get on your knees , and put your hands on your head, palm down."ordered Melanie. A officer step up behind him with hand cuffs ready. Melanie saw his eyes change color, and stop the officer from getting ant closer. "Lee better yet lay down flat now."said Melanie raising her voice, and her fire ball. As she raise her hands, she used a telepath spell to talk with the others. "Back up,stay out of each other throwing paths please."as she  watching Lee closely.  It seem like a blink of a eye, four officers were down, Lee was dead,and the gym was dotted with burnt marks. The fire department was busy making sure all was completely out.
       After finishing all the paper work on the case. She drove to a brick home to check on a friend on sick leave. Melanie smile when Cedric sister Misty answer the door," Hey Mel, come in he's in the play room." Once in the play room with Cedric, she brought him up to speed on what happen the pass week. "Did you ever find out why he was doing it?"ask Cedric. "No, we haven't I can only guess cause he enjoy it."said Melanie.  "Hey supper is ready, Mel would you like to stay ."said Misty. Just when Melanie was about to answer, her phone went rang,"Sorry not tonight another adventure is calling."she said with a grin.
                                   The End

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