Something Shadowy

A set of witch detectives looking into some grusome murders.


1. chapter 1

                 The young woman quickly glace behind her, at each sound to see nothing but darkness. "Dam lights" she said to herself, trying to to reach her the lighted road up ahead. Unknown to her, the lights were taken out minutes before she walked up to that  section of the block.  Something touch her, she yell out,and started to run toward the light. Just few inches before reaching the lighted road, strong hands pulled her back into the darkness. Few hours later a group of teens stumble across the remains of the young woman.They quickly called the police for help, even tho the woman was beyond help.
     Melanie waded thru the crowd of on lookers. " Officer how bout pushing these folks back few more feet.", when she reach the yellow tape. Flashing her detective badge to get pass the yellow tape. She walk up to the short man taking pictures of the crime scene. "Hey Luis, what we got?"ask Melanie, leaning down to uncover the sheet to see the body. "Another young witch, looks to be the fifth one, Mel."answer Luis. Melanie scan over the body, noticing a first in string of bodies, bruises. "Luis, we have a first, bruises."said Melanie. "Yep looks like this one  put up a fight." reply Luis.
    Melanie got up to go see the first officer on the scene, the young cop stood next to the group of teens. " Hello officer Evers, I'm detective Walters, I need to talk to you over here please." Walking few feet away from the group of teens. "Yes madam, I was finishing up statements from the teens, that found the body."said Evers. "Good I'll need see those statements shortly. But first , did you happen to see anyone else near by, now that's not here now?"ask Melanie. "No madam, there was just the these kids,and the body. I secured the the area as soon as I could." said Evers. "Ok, good job, now exscort the kids to the precent, there parents will be there shortly."said Melanie.
    Walking over to her partner Cedric, he was looking at the street lights."Did you found anything?"ask Melanie. "Just glass, nothing else."answer Cedric, adding "This is getting tiresome no clues what's so ever." "I hear that, but who ever or what ever is doing this, will slip up, then we got them."reply Melanie. "I hope real soon, it be greater without any more bodies."said Cedric. "We're not that lucky. Anyway, the vic.'s name is Alisha Formen, tweety years old, student at college also."said Melanie."How much you want to bet, this one had her powers bound due to using powers at the school."said Cedric. "yeah that seems to be one of the things these girls have in common."reply Melanie,adding, " Well let go talk to dean Pinkles again."                                      At the collage, students rush to their classes. The dean wasn't to happy to see the detectives again., "Please tell me this is visit is a follow up questions."fearing it wasn't.  "We wish, but no madam, we're here to ask about another one of your students, a miss Alisha Forman."reply Melanie. "Dam, let me get her files, I assume you'll be wanting a key to her room also." said Mrs. Pinkles, going thru a file cabinet. "Yes you assumed right, we will need to search her room if it's on collage grounds."said Cedric.
     Digging thru dressers, Cedric remark "This girl loved pink." "Yeah she also seem to like a R.R., it's written all over her pink notbooks.I got a hunch this R.R., is going to stand for Rex Rupert..again."said Melanie. They found mr. Rupert in the cafeteria having lunch.  "Oh man not you two again, this could be called for harassment."said Rex. "Don't get your panties in a bunch. Just need to ask more questions."said Cedric. "I told ya'll all I can."reply Rex. "We're not here about the others. Did you know a Alisha Forman?"ask Melanie,showing him a picture of Alisha.  "I have her in few of my classes, never talk to her."answer Rex."Ok can you tell us where  were you between eleven pm and one am?"ask Cedric." Yep I spend the night at my mom's and pa's place. My roommate  wanted alone time with his boyfriend. I can't be no where near that."answer Rex.
    "Do you think he was lying?" ask Cedric, while walking back to their car. "Nope, he's not lying, I used a truth charm in there."answer Melanie. Cedric drop Melanie off at the station, so she start on paper work. Cedric wanted to check out the local club the collage students hang out at. After typing up todays reports, Melanie went thru all five girls  personal files twice,hoping to find something linking them. 
      At that same time Cedric was at the club Forever, asking questions, and getting no answers.He desided to stop working, and grab a drank. A large hand grab his shoulder, "Please come with me, Mr. Zamora wants a word with you now." "Ok I'm going."siad Cedric shaking the hand off. He wondered what the ower of the club wants. Up stairs in Mr. Anthony Zamora office, Cedric sit down in one of the four chairs. "You wanted to talk to me."reply Cedric. "Yes I do, these murders ,and cops being in my club is hurting my business. Are ya'll ever going to catch the killer, do you even have a clue who it might be?"reply Mr. Zamora. "Ahh dam  I'm sorry to hear the death of five young ladies is messing up your business. If you donate some of your millions to station, then they afford to put more men on the case."said Cedric  being sarcastic. Soon  getting up storming out of the office.
     A man step into Mr. Zamora office thru a side door,"Is that how you think you're going find out what he knows. You didn't find out nothing!" "I don't need cops here every other night, I sure don't want cops susplicous of me. Sooner they leave the better for my business."reply Zamora. The dark man grab Zamora by the neck, "I've help build this business, I can destroy it. Do as you're told or else." Zamora just smile, and said "or what?" As he grab the dark man by the neck, and snaping it in to with a turn of his hand.
      Next morning , Melanie and Cedric was up dating the captain on everything they had at the moment. "That's all we have at the moment sir."said Cedric.  "We need more soon, the mayor is riding my ass over this case.Need to wrap it up soon."said the captain. Over a late lunch of pizza, Cedric fill Melanie in on what happen at the club. About that time  they're both on their second slice of pizza, when their cellphones went off.  "Back to work, Cedric another body found near collage. This time we caught a break she still alive."said Melanie. "Yeah I know, about time we caught a break. You go see her at hospital, I'll go to scene." "Ok that's find by me.reply Melanie,getting up from her plate.
     Melanie step into the hospital room,expecting a young woman. What she found was Dorma Pinkles,the collage dean. "Mrs. Pinkles, I need to ask you about the attack."said Melanie, walking up to the bed. "Yes I know, I've been waiting on you."reply Dorma Pinkles. "Ok tell me what happen,every little detail you can remeber."said Melanie, sitting down in the chair.  "I set myself up as bait, by using a image spell. I turn into a young witch that was bound this morning." Melanie interupted Mrs. Pinkles story, " You what! That was foolish and risky!"shaking her head. "It was a risk I was willing to take, now let me finish. I was attack by at least five shadow demons. I killed on one, the others ran away when bright lights of police came up."
   Standing up to look down at Mrs. Pinkles, "That can be concider inferring in a on going investigations. I can charge you,but I won't. Now I gotta have to worry about you to."said Melanie. "I can very well take care of myself."reply Mrs. Pinkles. "Whatever I'm leaving a guard here at the door, when you leave here you will have a guard also. We already understaff as it is. My captian ain't gonna like it."said Melanie walking to the door.
   Cedric was swabbing up burnt ash to test to see what it once was. Melanie walk up on him as he was shaking small test beaker,"So you find anything other than ash?"   Slighty jumping up, Dang don't go sneaking up on me like that!" screech Cedric,adding "So what the young woman said?"  "Well it wasn't a young woman. It was our favorite college dean,playing let's bait the bad guys. Found out it's shadow demons,at least five. Well was five, she cooked one." "Woohoo go Mrs.Pinkles!" Now we need to find who they are and who has hired them, oh and why?"said Cedric. "Easy said then done ."reply Melanie.
   "True, I think someone at club Forever is in on it."said Cedric,closing bags up. " It could very well be someone at the college,or both."reply Melanie.  "Guess we're checking out both much closer now. You have any more of those truth charms, we going to need them.said Cedric. "I can get few more if need to." You go to the college, and I'll go to the club."said Melanie, adding "Be careful." Cedric smile "Aww I didn't know you care." Melanie shook her head,"Wise ass."   
    Soon Melanie walk into the Forever club, went strait to the bar,again showing pictures of the girls to the young bartender,"Have you seen any of these girls in here before?" "Maybe, maybe not,I can't remeber every girl that comes thru  here."answer the young bartender, glacing toward Zamora office as he hurried to the other side of the bar.  Melanie walk up to one of two large men guarding Zamora's office,"I need to see Mr. Zamora, let him know detective Walters need to ask few more questions." "Wait here, let me see if he'll see you now."said big man.  
     Few minutes later, she was sitting across from Mr. Zamora. "How can I help a beauty  like yourself ?"ask Zamora,giving her a wink. "Like I told your guard I need to ask few questions."answer Melanie. "Ok ask a way."reply Zamora.  She spread pictures of each girls across his decks,asking "Have you seen any these girls in here?" "I don't remeber if any of these girls came in here, I have so many  ladies  here weekly. I'll do you one nice I'll send over copies of our video feeds,let you go thru them."answer Mr.Zamora. 'That's would help us alot, thanks."reply Melanie,"Can I ask what you are,I know it's not human." "Oh I guess, I'm a vampire, and I'm on a non-human diet as the law requires."answer Zamora.
    Sitting across from Cedric at the station, both comparing notes from earlier in the day. "I can't believe he flirted with you,I always though he floated the other way."said Cedric. "Maybe he floats both ways,or he strait,really not inportain at moment."reply Melanie,adding "Any way, what you get when you run the bartenders names?" "Not a lot, just the basic ,his name Jasper Troy,and his address."said Cedric. "Something about him rubs me raw.I to keep a eye on him."reply Melanie.
     Across town at that same moment, Mrs. Dorma Pinkles was sitting at her table,across from a certain bartender. "When did you get out of the hospital?"ask Jasper Troy. "This morning, did the cop believe you?"ask Dorma. "I think so."answer Jasper.  "Good I need them to be looking at Zamora."said Dorma. After Jasper left, she went back to looking at school files.

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