Hunter's Moon

Young lady may have gotten over her head after learning of her family hidden job.


3. chapter 3

 By Friday morning, they all were busy fixing up tree stands in the trees for the snipers, and snare traps around the cow pen. All traps lead the beast toward the Logan's farm. Ethan had notice that Dusty has been spending lot of time with Macy last few weeks, desided to say something. Walking up to Dusty, "Hey got a minute?", motioning Dusty to him. "Yeah what's up? ask Dusty, walking up to Ethan. "I'm not sure  whats going on between ya'll.  But listen good you leave my cousin  alone or I'll feed you to those beasts, you got that boy."whispered Ethan. Dusty step up into Ethan face, "If you think you're big enough, just try it. We'll see who really gets fed to the wolves buddy boy."growled Dusty. "Yeah we'll see." said Ethan, walking away.
   Dusty came out of the basement an hour later, "Here guys I've fitted tracking devices to few bullets,for all five snipers. We will have one clip half full of silver bullets, make them count, remember shoot reguliar bullets first,the tracker is in that clip."  Ethan stood up, "Ok guys we have three hours till night fall, let's get where we need to be.  Becareful  and good luck." Mike walk up to them, The traps are set, the lights have been set up also." "How's the cage in the basement set up?"ask Ethan, looking right at Dusty.  Mike answered "Yep it is." Than everyone ran to their needed spots.
    A little time past before calls over the radio's came in," The beasts went past us heading your way.", and "We shot at few of the beasts, tracker has been placed." Macy hurried to turn on the tracking monitor on. Just then the raging storm out side made the lights go out, causing the back up generator to kick on. "Thank God for the generator."reply Kathy, looking thru the window, watching for any movements. The large spot lights pointed toward the forest, that ran on batteries came on,causing the team to take off the night vision goggles off.
    "Heads up, they're coming!."said Zane one of five snipers up in the high deer stands,that agree to be put out in the open. Moments later many shots ran out all around. What seem like hours later, the beasts ran back into the safey of the trees. "They're leaving, why are they leaving so soon?"ask Ethan. "Maybe cause they got what they came for, whatever that maybe."answer Macy, "We mite want to start counting cows." Maybe all they wanted was the cows, or to see if we left like the over farmers did. That's just a guess tho."reply Mike. "Did any of the traps catch one as plan?ask Krista. "We are still waiting on word from the other teams."answer Ethan. 
   "Do we have any casualties?"ask Dusty. "So far two killed on our side, one killed theirs confirmed."answer Kathy, walking into the room with phone to ear, "We had one in a trap, but it's dead." "Ok, Macy where are they heading?ask Dusty, looking over her shoulder.  "They're moving deep into the woods , east from here."answer Macy watching the monitor.  "Dusty please grab some maps,and lets see if there any old mines,sheds,or farms out there."said Ethan. " Carter and his team was on their way back with the one caught in trap. It hasn't turn back yet, so we don't know who it is yet."reply Kathy, putting phone down. Leaning down toward Macy, "Whoa ,you told them there might be a traitor among us."whisper Dusty. "No I said it would give us a idea who they are, if we done that."answer Macy whispering also. 
   Dusty look at the map, and then at the monitor, "Ethan, they had stop,and I found out on the map where they're at. I believe they stop at or near the old Miller's Plantation,about ten miles east from here." At that very moment, Carter came into the room with his team of four, pulling a bag that held the dead beast. Carter walked around to front of the bag, and he unzipped it revealing a young woman. " Well son of a beep, that's Lucy Sawyer! That family of five was believed to had gotten wipe out about four years ago."said Carter staring at the woman. Macy walk over and zipped the bag back up, "Were they hunter's too?" 
   "Yes they were hunters, and they still have family still among us hunters."answer Dusty looking at Macy. Ethan walked between them, "Dam, I gotta report this to the bosses, their probably  pull anyone that has ties to that family right away. That going to leave us short handed, the Sawyers is a big family." Sure enough after Ethan reported was happen that night. Many of the hunters were pulled out of the town.
   Few hours into that Sunday morning Dusty and Macy was having a heated discussion,about plan B and  Macy plan on playing a part in it. Dusty was stuck at the farm for few hours,"I don't think you should go, it's like committing suicide for a beginner hunter." I'm not going to argue anymore. I'm going, you can't keep me from it!"said Macy storming out the kitchen. Looking around the room at the aother hunter's, "Come on, please someone try talk some sence into her." "I've tried it till I was blue in the face, no use man. Her mind is made up, and it is her plan."answer Mike , sharping his silver knives.
  Macy and the rest of the hunters loaded up in the van, on their way to the farm deep in the woods. Busy in the house making as much silver bullets he can before  dark, Dusty focus on the task at hand. In the van, "I wish the leaders didn't pulled , Alex, Max, and Kathy from here."reply Rachel. "We can't risk taking a chance one of them is a traitor. The leaders have to watch all of the kin of the Sawyer's kin. They're going thru phone records, and stuff to make sure her uncle was mistaken."said Ethan, turning off the road, "Hold on it's going to be a bumping ride for next six miles."
    Few minutes later, they bounce into the yard of the large farm. Unloading suplies,"Well hell it looks better than I thought it would."said Carter walking up to the house, kicking the door open,"Ick it sure don't smell good." Rachel step around him into the house, "It could be this rotten flesh of something or someone laying in what was once the living room, now the table and bathroom yuk." "Open all windows and doors, lets have the girls clean and we guys build the stands."said Ethan.  Macy came up next to him,"O no how bout we all clean this up, and then all of us work on traps and stands. It will get stuff done much faster."
   Three hours later house smell much better, and most of the stands were in the trees,and the traps was set up all around the place. Everyone was having maybe their last lunch,Ethan handed Macy a soda, "You know you didn't have to come." "Yes I did, this is for my family and friends." "Macy thinking revenge can make you get reckless, please focus on staying alive." "I will, don't worry."walking away toward the other side of the yard to finish her lunch. Not to long after lunch ,while she help  one of the twins put up the  last stand, Zane pulled into the yard with much needed extra silver bullets from Dusty. 
   After  everything was set up, and bullets was split between hunters, everyone gotten ready for the up coming battle. Ethan, Kirby, Krista, and Carter were hidden up high in the trees, one on each side of the house. Rachel, Mike, Zane , and Macy inside the house. Turning on the walking talkie on, "If you don't pray, this here is the best time to start. Don't forget to strap your selves in,and may God keep us all save."said Rachel. Echos of "Amen" could be heard from everyone. 
   Macy ran into the basement to check the generator, make sure it was full of fuel. Bout that time the ones outside heard sounds of branches breaking, alerting them to the coming of the beast. Macy heard the radio when the warning came in, she flip on the generator, then headed back up stairs. She threw a branch into the fence wire that cover the windows in the kitchen,  and watch it burn the branch,"The wire on windows is hot in the kitchen, do not get near them, just a little reminder guys." 'Wish it was on all the windows."said Zane going to next room.
   Shots rang out side as the beast got closer to the house. Glass breaking, beasts howling in pain, and humans screams soon after, had  Macy leaving her spot in the kitchen to help a fellow hunter in need. By time she arrive into the dining room, Mike had been grab, and dragged out of the house. She shot the beast dragging Mike right in the face, dropping it in that spot, just to see another finish Mike off. Cussing  while shooting  it, Macy quickly grab large table to prop it up  agaist the window, before another trys to slip in.
   She heard more scream, but this time she stay put,  guarding the open window, shooting any that try to get in that way.  While she was reloading the gun,  one push the table  back hard, causing it to land on top of her. Knocking her gun out of her hand,"Help if anyone hears me help!" cry out Macy, trying to reach her gun. Out of corner of her eye she saw one right in front of the table, reaching down toward her. A shot rang out hitting the beast causing it to fall forward onto the table and Macy, knocking the air out of her.
    As soon as Macy caught her breath, yelling loudly "Get this dam thing off of me!" "Sorry I thought it would go backward."reply Zane, pushing the beast to the side, and putting the table back agaist the window.  Quickly rolling away from him,and grabbing her gun. Macy shot right over his shoulder hitting a beast rushing in the room. "Crap I'm getting low on ammo."said Macy,checking her clip while it was quite. "Use the guns of the ones that has fallen."said Zane picking Mike's gun up,and handing it to her.
   "You shoot, and I'll board this window up better."said Zane quickly running over to fire place where the nails and hammer at. Macy answer by shooting at a beast missing first shot, hitting it the second time, having it fall few feet from her. 
 Soon as the window was boarded up bit better, Zane stay in that room while  Macy went to check out if any of the others needed help. Rounding the corner leading into living room, she almost ran right into one of three beasts that was making  a quick lunch of Ethan.  She jump back unloading the gun on them. 
    Rachel came up to the side of her, " Who did they get?" "Mike and Ethan, that's the one's I know of."answer Macy, adding "We need to nail this door shut. I'll go get the nails and hammer." "Ok I'll stay here for now, but do hurry I'm low on bullets. Didn't know there was this many. "reply Rachel. As Macy ran to  the kitchen, where there was another set of nails and hammer, came banging at the back door , "Let us in!"yelled Kirby . Macy quickly pulled the boards off to let Kirby, Krista, and Carter inside. Carter asked, "Do you know if Ethan made it in?" "Yes he made it inside, but they got him soon after."answer Macy. Kirby ask "Why do you have a hammer and nails and where's your gun? 
  "Crap Rachel needs them in living room." Macy said behind her as she ran back to Rachel.  Krista ran right behind her, "Where's Mike and Zane?" "Zane's  in dinng room, he may need help, and Mike didn't make it."answer Macy as she slow to walk up to Rachel. "Bout dam time, what took you so long!" pushing up agaist a door to keep a beast out. "I had to let Kirby, Krista, and Carter inside. Krista in dining room with Zane ,and the others near back door."answer Macy.
      Just then a beast got his paw inside the door, Macy beat it's paw with the hammer repeatly. Carter ran up,"Hey this is faster."shooting it with a nail gun,causing it to rip it's paw back. Macy stood back as Rachel step back and shot few times into the door and wall hitting at least two of them. "Dam you could have warn me!" yell Carter jumping back from the door. "Oops me  bad."said Rachel with a smile. 
    The night seem to last forever for the remaining hunters. By morning light not one gun had a bullet in it. All of them jump, when someone knock on the  back door,"Hello anyone a live in there, I come in peace no shooting!"yell Dusty sticking his head thru a hole in the door."Hey there's few alive in here." he yell behind him. Causing many men to come thru the door at them. The medic's try to save Krista, that gotten rip across her chest a few hours earlier, but it was to late she had die in her brothers arms.
 Dusty walk up to Macy picking her up in a bear hug,"Thank the lord you're alive girlie. I would have gone crazy without being able to pester  you anymore." "Shut up and kiss me."said Macy pulling his head down to hers. 
   A year  or so later, Macy was feeding the many animals when Dusty came thru the  barn doors. "The horses has been taken care of. The house on the house in town has also been taken care of. Eric and Chearllynn will be able to make it to the wedding." "Have you heard if Carter, Rachel, and Kirby be able to make it." ask Macy.  "Carter is bring his family, and Rachel is bring her new boyfriend. But Kirby may not be able to make it, he's in Texas working." answer Dusty coming up to her.  "Well hell's bells, I was hoping that everyone would be able to come.reply Macy.  "Honey it not till another two months from now. said Dusty wrapping his arms around her, resting his hands on her small round tummy.

                             The End

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