Hunter's Moon

Young lady may have gotten over her head after learning of her family hidden job.


1. chapter 1

     Macy  walk into the local diner, to get directions to lawyer's office. But the smells of the food reminded her she hadn't ate yet, so she order the sale of the day. Soon after she ate,she got the directions she needed. Macy came out of the uncle's lawyer office about hour later,with a house in town and a old family farm on the out skirts of town.
    Walking down the side walk, on the phone with a friend," I'll be back in a week or two to move into the farm.I may rent out or sale the house in town not sure yet. I'll donate uncle's clothes to local church, and the rest that I don't use will go into storage unit. I'll see you in a few hours,byebye."said Macy ending the call to a friend.  
    Unaware of the two men watching her as she got into her car. " So she the last of the Logan's,she kind of cute. Do you think she knows what she up agaist if she follows in her uncle's foot steps."asked the local butcher. "I don't know hope so for her and our teams out there."answer the lawer, watching Macy drive down the road.
    Two weeks later, Macy and five friends with a uhaul van pulled up to the family farm house, unload her stuff,and then load her uncle stuff in it. Three of the group unloaded  Macy's belonging to set them into the living room.  "You're much braver than me, I couldn't stay out here in the middle of no where. "said Sasha helping load few boxes of Macy's uncle's stuff into the  van. "It's one of my uncle's wishes, plus it's so beautiful out here." reply Macy. The  group that help load her uncle's stuff, was ready to take it to storage unit. "Ok, Chearllynn, Eric, and I going to take this load to the storage place be back soon."said Rodrick. 
    "Please order us some grub while ya'll in town, burgers and fries  ok."said Macy,adding "Please try hurry don't really want to walk around in the dark,  I don't plan on  staying out here untill lights get turn on, that will be Monday."  Walking into the third bedroom, that was used as a store room,plum full of boxes. "Oh boy, you're uncle seem like a pack rat, he saved everything."reply Sasha. "Yep seem that way, I'm only keeping some." said Macy,looking into boxes, putting some to the side,taping up the others.
    "It was pretty nice of the care taker for packing up your uncle's stuff for you, and I was told he's single."reply Sasha taping up a box. "Well it's was only way for him to find the books, my uncle left him, that goes with the gun shop uncle left him."said Macy,looking at Sasha, "Get it out of your head." "What out of my head."ask Sasha with a grin. "Don't even think about it, I don't need you playing match maker." "But it so fun."reply Sasha with her head in a box, "Ah bout time I think I found the box of books you wanted." "Good I'll start reading them later."
    While Sasha and Macy were in the house sorting thru boxes. James and and care taker Dusty was checking out the work shop. Dusty was packing up only the tools he would need at the gun shop. James help him load them into Dusty's truck.  One of the men that was working on putting a fence around the house and barn, said "Hey can you let the lady of the house, know we will be back in the morning to finished the job." " Yeah no problem,I'll let her know."said James pulling out his cellphone.
     Sasha and Macy's cellphones started ringing at same time. Sasha ended her call first, "That was Rodrick, they have a problem someone flated all four tires on the uhaul van." Macy was on the phone with James,she let him know what happen to the others. The fence will be done in the morning, the men left for the evening." She ask Sasha "Why would anyone do that to the van?" "Have no clue,it will be a while before the others get back. They're getting help by local mechanic to change all four tires." answer Sasha. "Did they involved the police? ask Macy. "Yep, they said they're looking into it."
    James had wonder off to check out the old barn. It was starting to get dark, Dusty stop what he was doing and reach in to his truck grab his guns, went to find James, "I told that fool to stay close, it'll be dark soon."talking to hisself.  James was at the end of the barn checking out the stalls. Then he heard a noise up a head, like a large dog growling. He turn to leave when he heard the growl,this time to the right of him. James started to slowly move backwards, at same time trying to get to his phone down deep in his jacket pocket. 
     The huge dog like creature attack before he could raised the phone to his ear. Dusty ran into the barn as James was being attack, he started to shoot the two beast,right then two more came out of a far stall. Dusty ran toward the back door of the house. Hearing the commotion outside ,"What the hell?"said Sasha running out of the front door. "Wait  Sasha no, dam! scream Macy running to the gun shelf grabbing two hand guns, right before she ran after Sasha.   
      Sasha ran toward the workshop next to house first finding no one there,then she turn and ran toward the barn. "James, Dusty where are you guys?" Sasha ask loudly.  Dusty was only few feet from the back door, when he heard Sasha yelling, "Dammit",turn and ran back toward the barn yelling, "Go back to the house", to Sasha. Sasha didn't hear Dusty or Macy screaming "Run!",but she did hear something behind her. Sasha turn around only to see a large paw right before it rip across her throat. Seconds later shots rain out hitting the beast, "To my truck!"screams Dusty running toward Macy and then to  his truck.
     Dusty and Macy reach his truck at the same time,only to find it tamper with,hood up and motor torn up. "Dam back to the house now. "yelling Dusty. They reach the front door, just when one of the beast came around the corner of the house.  Inside the house, Macy saw Dusty clearly, covered in blood, "Are you hurt?"ask Masy seeing the blotches of blood on his face.. "No this belong to one of the beast that gotten to close."answer Dusty. "They got James didn't they?"ask Macy deep inside already knew. "Yes they got him too."answer Dusty, "I'm sorry." 
     Looking right at her, "You know what they are don't you?"ask Dusty loading extra clips in his pockets. "Yes I was told bout them, most my younger years, I never really believed my uncle untill now."answer Macy, taking few extra clips from him,"What we going to do now." "Wait it out till our ride out of here,gets here."answer Dusty,sitting down up agaist wall. "Oh crap my friends maybe on their way back out here soon." Nope they're not,the local police will not let them leave city limit after dark."said Dusty.,adding "I don't like the sound out there." "It's quite is that a bad thing? reply Macy confused. "I'm not sure,it's a first for me, most time their trying to get inside the buildings."answer Dusty.
    Right then both of them saw head lights heading strait toward the house, "There's our ride, run strait for the car,no looking back." said Dusty grabbing bags of guns. He open the door, both ran and jump into the van that came right up to the door. At that same moment something large swing at the side of the van, shaking it. Both of them yell "Go Now!"  On their way to town, Dusty told the driver what went down at the farm. 
    Back in town, Macy told her friends that they was attack by a pack of wolves,leaving out the part about werewolves. Macy try to answer the many questions her friends asked,without adding anything else. "I can't believe you two just left them out there."said Rodrick pacing back and forth in front of her. "I'm so sorry,  but there was nothing I could have done."said Macy crying. Chearlynn walk over to her,and wrap Macy into a hug,"Honey don't go blaming yourself. I'm sure if there was anything you could had done,you would have."  "Macy I'm sorry for making you cry, but dam what am I gonna tell my aunt and uncle."reply Rodrick.  "Let the police handle that part. You do everyone a big favor by sitting down and chill the hell out."said Eric.
    While her friends slept, Macy read her uncle's notebooks till dawn the next morning. Getting up to make a pot of coffee,she knock over a pile of notebooks on to the floor. A letter slid out of one of the books landing near her foot, it was address to her,she began to read it,forgetting all about the coffee. " Dear Macy, If you're reading this letter, then it means I did not survived the up rising of the beasts. I left you names and numbers of people that will help you get rid of the beasts, if you are willing to become a hunter, if not it's understandable.  Becareful, and I will always love you.  Love your uncle Urban...P.S. Read my notbooks,they will help you out a little bit."said Macy read out loud.
     That afternoon was a long and hard day, Macy's friends was on their way back to the city.  She desided to stay and try to rid this area of the beasts. She kept busy to keep from thinking of James and Sasha. After calling the fence company to learn the fence was finished. She contacted the people on the list that her uncle left her, six out of ten said they would help. She headed over to the gun shop that was once her uncles, and order clip of silver bullets for her guns. "So you deside to stay and help us hunt them."reply Dusty, handing her order. "Yep I did, don't know how good of a help I can be, but I'm gonna try."answer Macy."With a little training, you're do just find." "Thanks, see you later."said Macy walking to her car.
      Macy drove to the farm, with back seat full of bags of supplies.  Inside the uncle's farm house, she put up the supplies, sat down to read some more of her uncle's notes. While reading, someone ring the bell at the gate, getting up to see who it was. It was Dusty, thinking here was there for her uncle's tools, she open the gate for him. "Hello come to get more tools?" ask Macy, walking up to his truck. "Nope I came to take you back to town, you must be crazy to coming back here alone."answer Dusty. " You can shove that macho crap where sun don't shine,you will not like the results if you try to take me back. You can leave out same as you came."reply Macy heading back to the house.
    " Please stop I'm sorry to up set you, I don't want anyone else get killed here."said Dusty running up to her. Turning to face him I won't be alone here long, I'm having few hunters coming out soon." "Ah, which families sending backup? ask Dusty. "A few of my next of kin, the Volt's, Cupp's,Ante's and Fisher's. Plus three other hunters, total of six being send here." answer Macy."Those some of the biggest families of hunters."said Dusty answering his phone,"Yes sir I'm here in front of her as we speak, it won't take me long to grab supplies from home sir." Macy over heard big part of it, shaking her head, thinking "oh brother that's all I need." "Well that was my uncle, looks like I'm part of the back up, I'll be right back need supplies from home."said Dusty jumping into his truck. 

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