Ghostly Dilemma

Naomi moved into a family member's place few years after their death. Only to be drop into a adventure.


1. chapter 1

          A young man name of Joseph was packing the dirt, where he had hidden a disk. A disk containing proof of a crime he had stumble across. Joseph stood up slowly, he listen to sounds near by. He quickly moved away from the head stone. Right before the four men walked out of the near by woods surrounding the family cemetery. The biggest of the four shifters, ask, "Where is the disk?" Joseph stepping back into a clearing, "Don't know what you're  talking about." "Last chance give us the disk now." He tried to run past the men, only to be capture few feet away.          Two Years Later
        Joseph heard someone moving around in his house. He went to see who it was that was in his house. It was his youger cousin Naomi carrying boxes into the living room. He went toward her, not knowing she could see him.  Naomi look up bout that time, frozen in place, while her cousin floated toward her.  Finding her voice, Naomi said, " Is that really you Joseph?"Joseph couldn't beleive someone could see him, "Yes it is."
      "Gosh, what had happen to you? After few years your murder is still unsolved.",said Naomi, sitting down on nearest box, no longer trusting her legs. "I'll tell you everything I do remember."reply Joseph, more than happy to finally tell his story. After hearing his story, stood up, "that's awful, they shoudn't get away with that."said Naomi. "Then will you help me find the disk? ask Joseph. " Yes I will, but first I need to finish moving in."answer Naomi.
       Few months later, " Well that rules out the house, front and back yard."said Naomi frying few eggs. "I guess that leaves the old workshop, and the family cemetery, I'm so not ready to dig around in that area." said Naomi out load. Joseph floated  near the kitchen window, "Naomi someone is approaching the front gate."said Joseph turning toward her. "Is it someone we know?"ask Naomi. "No, I don't think so, I'm going to check it out."answered Joseph going thru the kitchen wall to the gate. Soon he came back,"quick he's hurt, and needing our help." Joseph said turning to head back out.
          Naomi was kneeling down by the hurt man,"easy I here to help. Do you think you can walk just little bit more.?" The man answer," I'm not sure,but I'll try to." Looking down at the blood spot on him, "this is a gun shot wound, did anyone followed you here?" ask Naomi scanning the area. "I don't think so." he reply right before he passed out. "Joseph can you check out the area, while I take care of him. I'm debating on calling the law for help." Coz,  I don't think that be a good idea, with all these holes scatter around the area. They would want to know can't trust them. "said Joseph.  "Ok, if he gets to bad, I'll drop him off at the er."reply Naomi draging the man into the house.
        After removing the bullet,and cleaning the wound. She let the man rest,went into the kitchen to eat her breakfast.
Out of no where, Joseph ask "do you think it's wise to leave him alone."  "Ah Jesus H. Christ don't do that!", nearing dropping the pitcher of  tea she just made. "As soon as he wakes up, I'm gonna get some much needed answers."reply Naomi.
       Little after lunch time, Tony fully came to see nice woman talking to a ghost. Thinking he must be seeing thinks, he shook his head, only making hisself dizzy. He close his eyes and open them few times still seeing the same thing. The dark hair beauty talking to a real ghost. " " Am I really seeing you talk to a ghost or am I hallucinating?"asked Tony. Naomi and Joseph turned toward the man at the very same time," you can see him-you can see me."
        "Yes I can see and hear you.",looking right at Joseph,answered Tony. "Well you're the only one besides my cousin Naomi here that I know that can see and hear me." My name is Joseph Whittey",with a smile "I'm a ghost."  "Well hello, I'm Tony Persons, I still think I'm hallucinating.", trying to get up. "Whoa not so fast, take it easy." Naomi was quickly by his side. "I have to go they may track me here, I may have put you in danger  just by asking for your help."said Tony still strugging to get up.
     Joseph trying to lighten the mood,"Ha we laught at danger." Naomi stood up said, "Please stay sitted, I'm going to get you something to eat and drink. Then we will talk more about weather you put anyone  in danger or not." She turned to head into the kitchen. Joseph notice Tony checking his cousin out, "dude I may be just a ghost, but I can ensure you I can still make your life hell, if you have bad intentions toward her." "Hey man I'm just looking, you can rest assure I'm not that type of guy." reply Tony. "I hope not, here she comes." said Joseph moving to the window.
    " Here's a bowl of chicken noodle soup. After you eat, I'll check your wound." said Naomi sitting across from him. "Why in the world did someone shoot you?" Please be honest now." asked Naomi waiting for him to answer. "Well it's a long story." said Tony. "I ain't going no where." said Naomi leaning back into the chair. Tony look right into deep blue eyes, " I need to ask do you have any issues with shifters?"  With little laught, "I talk to a ghost on a every day now for two years. No I don't have any problems with shifters, besides I have some in my family. Joseph here was a black panther. So what do you shift into?" reply Naomi
      "I turn into a pa nther also. Now to the why I was shot, I guess I need to start from beginning. I was kidnapped during my last run, they had me caged, done strange tests on me. For um what's day is it?"ask Tony. " It's June  the second." answered Naomi.
" Dang I've been there almost six months." Joseph already having good idea what the answer would be asked anyway," the place they kept you wouldn't happen to be Shanedom Inc."  Tony looking slightly worried answered "Yes it is, how did you know?"
Coming much closer to him, "cause that place is the where all my problems started and how I became a ghost.Let me tell you a story." said Joseph.
       Naomi chimed in after Joseph finished his tale, "I've been helping him for while now trying to find the proof we need to put them down. We could use your help, but if you don't want to, it's understandable." "Oh I so want to help put them out of business. I'm so in." answer Tony,adding "could we first try to contact the police? "Wouldn't do no good without solid proof." said Joseph. "You can stay in the guess room." Naomi said getting up to go to hall closet get extra blankets "There's still some of my clothes in the closet, you can have if you can fit any." said Joseph . "Thanks alot." Tony gotten up and headed to the room.
    Sitting on the side of the bed, sencing he wasn't alone, "what is she, I can't figure out her scent."asked Tony,turning toward the ghost next to bed. "Well if you must know, she's a panther-human mix."answer Joseph. "Wait I didn't know humans can bear our children."said Tony. "It's very very rare but it happens." reply Joseph. Hearing foot steps nearing the door. Joseph left the room. On ther other side of the door, "I'm leaving some extra blankets out side the door here." said Naomi, right before turning to enter her bedroom.
      Inside her room Joseph waited near a window, "do you think his story is true?, Having some doubts about the man. "Yep, it's all true, I had a friend look up missing people  reports  in the last six months for me... it's all true.answered Naomi. "Ok, I'm going to go around our land." said Joseph passing thru the wall. Talking out loud, "I'm never going to get use to you doing that."said Naomi.  
      Few weeks later.. The smell of bacon frying from the house, had Tony's tummy rumbling loudly, so he desided to scanner down. It was time to take a break,walked to the house.  Inside the kitchen all he saw was the dark hair beauty wiggling to a song on the radio. Thinking to his self nice frame, shaking that thought out of his head, " It smells great in here. said Tony over the music. "oops caught me trying to dance. There's food on the counter, wash your hands first please."reply Naomi. "The work shop is cleaned, I've finish the other side, no disk." "Dang that only leaves the family cemetery then." reply Naomi, sitting down to eat."Hey, where's Joseph? I haven't seen him all morning." ask Tony.
     "He's checking for  any unwanted guests." answered Naomi.  
As on cue, Joseph came into the room, " we have company, a two door ford, with two guys coming up the drive as I speak." " Should I go see what's up or pretend no one home?ask Naomi. " Let's see what up, just don't go outside the fence." said Tony.               Naomi and Joseph went and stood few inches from the locked front gate, "Can I help you guys?"asked Naomi. The order of the men said " We are detectives from the FBI, and we are questioning the locals about this man." At that time the youger of the two walked up holding a photo of Tony. 
    "Have you by chance seen this man any where lately."asked the older one. " No sir I have not, he's not dangerous is he?"answer Naomi. " Oh no miss just wanted for some questioning that's all."said the younger man.  "Well if that's all, I have a roast in the oven, need get to it before it burns."said Naomi. " That's all, have a nice day." they said climbing back into the ford.
      Back in the house, letting Tony know they was searching for him. Joseph pop up inches from her, " I don't think they believed you." Ahh.. you got to stop doing that, you scare the crap out of me each time."said Naomi with a hand over her speeding heart.  " Why don't you think they didn't believed her?"ask Tony.  "Cause I listen in on them talking while they were going back down the drive." said Joseph. "That means we need to my that disk very soon. Let's get started on the north side of cemetery and work our way to the house today."said Naomi, taking her lunch plate to the sink.
     Nearly a week later, Naomi and Tony was digging near last row of head stones. When Naomi yelled" woo hoo, I found it!" "You sure."saked Tony rushing up to her. "Yep, I'm sure, it's wrapped good." answered Naomi. It started to rain, they rushed toward the house.  They walked into the living room bout time Joseph came thru. "Great news we found it." said Tony and Naomi at very same time. "Great, bad news, it can only be access at Shanedom Inc.,using one of their computers." said Joseph.  "Ah great how we suppost to do that?"asked Tony. "I have a idea on how to do just that." reply Naomi, "first supper, then plans."
     They were going over different ways to get into Shanedom Inc., when the lights went out. "I have some lanterns near by just in case the storm did this."said Naomi. "Don't turn that on, the storm didn't do that."said Joseph, "quick into the basement, behind third book shelf, there's a tunnel leads to room under old work shop." They turn to rush to the basement the best they could in the dark. "Crap, I left the thumb drive, be right back, use the pen light toward the floor."said Tony, turning into a black beast. 
      He reached the table bout the time when a man in dark clothes did. After knocking the man out, he rushed back to the basement. Naomi put her hand out so Tony to drop the drive, after pocketing it,she watch in awe as he shifted back into man.
At that very moment Joseph was having a blast spooking the thugs,with flying objects. He followed the men out side, there stood the older man from earlier. The older man asked out loud,"did you see the test subject?" " No sir, but a large cat attack Burt."said one of the thugs. 
     Angry the older man said,"torch it and kill any thing that comes that clear?" "Yes sir said the thugs, pulling out road flares, then throwing the into the house. Few minutes flames can be seen dancing thr out the house. The men jumped into their cars and drove away. Unknown to the men Tony and Naomi was safe in a under ground room bout quarter mile away.
    Tony sat close to Naomi on a love seat, turning toward her,"I know this not quite the best time to ask this, but I'm giong to any way.. by any chance we live thru this, can we go on a  date? "Yes, I would love to date you."answer Naomi with a smile.  Tony lean in to take her face into his hands, he tasted her lips. The sound of someone clearly their throat, brought them out of the sweet embrace. They both looked at Joseph in the corner, "Those buttholes torched my house, hoping one of you would jump out so they could kill you."
    Next morning while Joseph went to next door, look thru newspaper, he spotted their way in. Few hours later Tony and Naomi were on their way to a job fair at Shanedom Inc. The lobby was packed with people coming and going."Ok I've played with the video feed, it'll be showing last hour  over  and  over. Look for the maintance cart, door key maybe left on it. You will need it to get into one of the offices." said Joseph. 
     Tony walked by the cart, slipped the door key into his pocket. He handed it to Naomi, "here you go, be careful love." "I will", she smile back at him. Then walking toward nearest door, "Joseph, please make sure the office is empty."  "Already did, you're in the clear, hurry." reply Joseph,adding "This seem to easy to me, again careful both of you."  "You ain't the only one thinking that.",says Tony fearing they're were walking into a trap. "Guys relax they think we're dead, we will and can pull this off."said Naomi, hoping she was right.
      She slip into the office unseen, quickly went to the computer. With Joseph help access the files,and started to email them to every to many police departments, local and state wide news stations. Joseph comes in,  "you need to hide, you have a guard coming, he's checking each room."  Inside the coat closet, she held her breath, while the guard checked the room. "It's clear now, come out now."said Joseph.
       At that very moment Tony had gotten caught trying to access the lower rooms.Joseph spotted Tony being led by two guards to a serive elevator. Joseph pop up right next to Tony, "the files are sent, Naomi is heading to car as I speak. How are you gonna handle these guards? Tony looked at him side ways, "have no clue yet." Looking around, "hey think you can pull that fire alarm?" Joseph flew over and with all his entergy pulled it.
      Right before Tony and the guards reached the elevator, a loud piercing sound broke out over the loud speakers. Detracting the guards long enough for Tony to slip into the crowd rushing to nearest exit.  Namoi pulled up front of the building as soon as she saw people rushing out. Seconds later Tony jumps in, "lets get the hell out of here please." She quickly pull up behind one of many cars in line to leave. Joseph like many times before, startle them by appering out of no where, scaring the living day lights out of them, saying, "boy that was fun." Naomi almost crashed into the car in front of them, causing her to slam on the breaks.  Tony hitting his head on the dash board, both saying "Jesus stop doing that!" Joseph said " I'm so sorry, really I am.
     Few months later, safety back in his home, Tony watched the news broadcast the largest raid, and shutting down of Shanedom Inc. He looked toward the kitchen, smiling at dark hair beauty setting the table. "Let me help you with that," crossing the few feet to be by her side. When a familiar voice rang in," need to talk to you guys for a minute." Tony and Naomi said union, " hi Joseph, what's up."  " I have come to say my good byes. I'm going to miss you little cousin." said Joseph, turning toward Tony, " you take care of her ok." Joseph picked up a tissue handed it to his cousin. Naomi grab the floating tissue, tears flowing freely. Tony smiled "man I'm going to miss you to.", Tony wrap his arms around Naomi.  Both said " Love you cousin.",as Joseph faded away into thin air.
     That following winter, Tony and Naomi stood in front of a head stone, "hey cousin I hope you can hear me, where ever you are at. We have great news, we gotten married last winter, and I'm pregant." said Naomi, smiling. Tony  added, " if it's a boy we desided to name him Joseph Anthony Persons." They both giggled when a whisper on the wind said, "that's so cool."
                                   The End

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