When we were young book 1

Corrine Resien has dreamed of going to Hogwarts ever since she was a small child. She is doing great until, a time turner takes her to the future. Where she is a young adult. Will she ever find her way back to when she was young?


1. Bye mum!!

"Bye mum!" I yelled. "See you next summer!!" She called back. "K." I replied. I ran onto the train while dragging my trunk behind me. I found an empty compartment and sat down. Then a red haired boy sat down next to me. "Hi I'm Bill Weasley." The boy said. "Hi I'm Corrine Resien." I replied. When the trolley witch came by I bought 8 chocolate frogs and shared them with Bill. "Thanks." He said. "Anytime." I told him. I could tell we were gonna be the best of friends.

*A/N  I am not a very good writer so I am stopping this story. Thanks, Mal*

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