PLL - Hanna and Caleb

Okay, so you won't understand this if you haven't watched Pretty Little Liars up to season 4... To those who have, enjoy :)


2. Fanfic.-2: Reality and Dream to Another

« Mrs. Ashley Marin, accused and seen guilty of killing Officer Darren Wilden, member of the State Police Force, is condemned to death by hanging on the week end of the 7 of october »

                Death. The word caught Hanna as she was trying to fight back her fear and her sadness. She could hear it again, the word, the pitiless, fearless word, how it sounded, what it meant. She saw her mother, in tears and pain, forced to leave court by the merciless cellguards. Hanna could not hear out the indistinct words her mom yelled at her, as she slowly passed out from the unreal thing that had just happened… Surely it could not be true… It couldn’t, it just couldn’t…

                She woke up, in tears and pain, screaming and calling her mom to her. But she did not come, and Hanna recalled what had happened in her dream. It was her mother and she was condemned to…

« Hanna ! It’s gonna be ok, Han. It’s just a dream. Just a dream, Han. »

Caleb wrapped his arms around her and started rocking her very slowly to calm her down.

« Caleb ? » she murmured

« It’s me, hon. It’s alright. It was just a dream »

« I think I did a nightmare… There was my mom, and… »

Her voice broke. She clung to Caleb and lied on his chest as he whispered softly in her ear until she was fast asleep. Caleb covered her up with the bed’s sheets and lied back with Hanna wrapping his arms around her body to protect her from nightmares.

                The next morning when Hanna woke up she was still safely in Caleb’s arms, her head in the curve of his neck. She felt as though the whole world had fallen on her. After her mom’s arrest the previous day, Caleb had suggested Tom that he could stay with her through the night as she needed someone to be there with her. After much insisting he finally agreed. Hanna was grateful that Caleb slept with her that night as she felt safe and secure in his arms. He had always known how to comfort her and that was what she needed most right now.

                Hanna did not move. She did not want to wake up Caleb as he had had a rough night too. Instead she made herself comfortable on his chest and tried not to think about yesterday’s event. But what had happened came crashing in her mind and soon she could not get rid of the worry and anxiety that had settled inside her.

« Hey Han, how are you feeling ? »

Caleb was now awake and he could see that she was not feeling great. For an answer she tightened her grip around Caleb and moaned a ‘better’. He did not insist and they lay silently for a few minutes, until Caleb got out of bed to get Hanna some breakfast. He knew she hadn’t eaten since the previous day’s morning.

« What would you like for breakfast? I can make you some pancakes, if you want.

« I’m not hungry, really.

« Hanna you’ve got to eat. Your mom can’t find you dead skinny when she comes back.

« She isn’t coming back, Caleb ! « 

Caleb felt sorry for bringing the subject but he knew anyway that it had been torturing her since she woke up and the only thing he could do about it now was to comfort her, so he took her hand and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

« She will come back, because she’s innocent, and she has one of Rosewood’s best lawyers with her. They can’t condemn your mom to death for this, Hanna. The worse that happens is that she goes to jail until we find proof that she didn’t do it. But in the meanwhile, you’ve got to eat, Han, cause I’m not letting you starve to death. »

« All right, Caleb. I’m coming. »

Caleb took her in his arms and carried her out of bed. When she was stand up, she leaned and gave Caleb a full kiss, taking his head in her hands. He put his arms around her and kept her tight to his body.

« I’ll always be there for you, Han. I love you. »

« I love you too Caleb, » she whispered.


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