Jaria: Jason and Aria

This is a fan fiction about Jason and Aria from PLL and will include Ezra and Jake and the other girls. And of course A.


1. How it started ?

Jason used to just be Ali's older brother, but now him and Aria are together after bonding over Mike. She finally ended the deal with A because she realized that she should never have even thought about joining the A team in the first place. She ended the engagement with Ezra after he left her for Nicole so he could go try to help her and she got back together with Jason. Ali had a beautiful baby girl with Emily. Jake walks back in the door after years to fight for Aria's heart and this time he wasn't giving up. Ezra out of jealousy punches Jason in the face as they fight for her after A kills Jake. Aria didn't know what to do. Then she got a text. Beep."My deal still stands" -A.D. A isn't leaving and Aria confides in her friends by asking them what to do about Ezra and Jason, but her friends weren't able to help her. Spencer finds Wren and they start getting "cozy" and Hanna and Caleb are still madly in love. There's even a PLL baby.

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