His problem❤️❤️❤️

This is a true story about one of the most important relationships that I have ever had in my whole life and for every girl that has been hurt like this, you don't need a guy to make u feel superior. You are a 10 not a 1 and don't ever let a guy make you feel that way.


2. the music festival

Soon we started to become friends again. We could talk and it wouldn't be awkward. Then I left for Runaway Country a music festival. He texted me a lot.

He said: I missed u today.

Me: I missed u too. I have been meaning to ask u why did u give me a 2nd chance? I thought u hated me.

He said: I could never hate u I love u.

Me: I love u too.

I finally got back to school and after a few weeks another girl liked him. 

And everything changed.

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