Heart Full of Tears

Emmy Matthews is a sad lonely girl due to her fathers death. All she can think about is why her? That is until a boy named Harry come into the picture and opens the light for Emmy. But what happens if Emmy's heart breaks?


4. Let's go out

A.N remember it's Harry's point of view for every even chapter.

Okay so your name is Harry then I guess I should tell you mine”. Emmy says
“No need for that information love I already know who you are”. I say
“How?” She asks
“Well I asked my mum and she knows who you are. Like I said I know your aunty”. I state

“That’s creepy”. Emmy says creeped out
“So I guess we should talk to get to know more about each other”. I say
“Okay, what do you do for a living?” Emmy asks
“Well I don’t do much I work in a big business with my mates we collaborate on ideas and make them into a reality and get paid a lot”. I explain
“Well I’m just finishing up with UNI and then I don’t know”. Emmy says
“Cool so how old are you?” I ask
“20 you?” Emmy asks back
“21”. I say
“Wow pretty young to be a successful business man”. Emmy says
“Yeah I guess I am”. I say
“HARRY!” My mum shouts
“COMING!” I shout back 
“So, looks like you have to go”. Emmy says

“I do but before I go give me your phone”. I say
“Why?” Emmy asks
“Because I need your number to text you pretty girl”. I winked
Emmy blushed and handed me her phone. I put my number in her phone and  I put my number in. I handed her back her phone then jumped back over the fence with a smile on my face.
“Where have you been mister?” My sister Gemma asks as I walk back into the house
“Next door talking to someone”. I respond
“Who were you talking?” Gemma asks again
“Emmy Matthews”. I mumble
“No Harry I don’t want you hanging around that girl”. Mum says sternly

“Why not? She seems cool”. I say
“Because that girl is strange”. Mum says
“Fine I won’t hang around her anymore”. I say
I walk up the stairs and into my bedroom. There was no point in arguing with my mum cause either way I would have lost. I take my phone out of my pocket and text Emmy.
Me: Hey beautiful
Emmy: What do you want Harry?
Me: Nothing I just wanted to talk to you
Emmy: 😒
Me: Let’s go out





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