Heart Full of Tears

Emmy Matthews is a sad lonely girl due to her fathers death. All she can think about is why her? That is until a boy named Harry come into the picture and opens the light for Emmy. But what happens if Emmy's heart breaks?


3. Hi I'm Harry

A.N remember it's still Emmy's point of view for every odd chapter.

My aunty walked away and I continue to sit under the willow tree. As the bright blue sky turned into a pink and orange colours I could tell I was getting darker like me. The more I thought the more depressed it became which means no doctor could try and find a solution. How can the sun and moon be both the same but different at the same time? The moon and sun are both big, bright things in the sky indicating whether it’s day or night. But the differences are the sun can represent happiness and peace and the moon can represent sadness and fear.While I was in deep concentration there was noise coming from the bushes. I moved my head towards where the noise was coming from.
“HI!” The boy from next door shouts as he jumps out from behind the bushes.
“What are you doing?” I ask
“Well if you must know I came to find out more about you”. He says
“Why?” I ask again
“Well I’ve know your aunty and I have never seen you around here before so I need to find out who this lovely girl is next door is”. He says
“Well that’s a little creepy if you ask me and why would you want to find out more about me? No one ever wants to know me in fact I don’t even know myself any more”. I state
“Aww c’mon that’s not true someone out there should know who you are”. He says
Someone did. He loved me more than anyone else. I his was little angel but the older and sadder I get then more I turn into the devil according to most people.
“I have a question”. I say
“How many questions do you have?” He questions
“It’s just one simple question. What’s your name?” I ask
“Oh right. How could I forget? Hi I’m Harry”. Harry says

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