Heart Full of Tears

Emmy Matthews is a sad lonely girl due to her fathers death. All she can think about is why her? That is until a boy named Harry come into the picture and opens the light for Emmy. But what happens if Emmy's heart breaks?


2. Harry's Intro

~~Harry’s Intro
I jumped back down from the fence and kicked the football over to my mate Louis.
“Hey Haz you, gonna play with us?” My other mate Niall asks
“Nah, I’m good”. I respond
I go over and sit on the deck chair thinking about the girl next door. I have never seen her before. Did she just move next door? I have different questions about this girl. She has one of those goth girl sense of style but I don’t know what her personality would be like.  I go inside and to ask my mum.
“Hey mum, I have a question”. I state
“Yes, what would that be dear”. My mother Anne says
“Well Mrs Matthews next door has a girl over and I was wondering have we ever met her before?” I ask
“Is this a young girl with straight long brown hair?” Mum asked
“Yes”. I respond
“Oh, then that’s Emmy. Emmy is Mrs Matthews niece. Every year they have a family get together and this year they decided to do it next door”. Mum explains   

“Thanks mum”. I say
I walked back outside and sit back on the deck chair and start to think. I need to find out more about this girl.
A.N Hope you enjoy these intros. FYI the whole story will be from Emmy's point of view. This is not really one direction I based the boys off of them but they are not THE one direction.

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