Heart Full of Tears

Emmy Matthews is a sad lonely girl due to her fathers death. All she can think about is why her? That is until a boy named Harry come into the picture and opens the light for Emmy. But what happens if Emmy's heart breaks?


1. Emmy's Intro

~~Emmy’s Intro
You know that saying ‘you’re in your own little world’ well for some reason my world moves slower than everyone else. That joke I always get ‘’Emmy dear lighten up a little” well guess what, I’m not going to. As much as I would like to I can’t stop thinking about my dad’s death. That’s when I started getting sadder and sadder until I turned depressed. He was in the 9/11 attack saving innocent people’s lives then he took his own to save a small child.
“Emmy dear time to go”. My mother said
“Why do I have to go? Why does anyone have to go anywhere?” I ask
My mother sighed an I don’t know sweetheart. It’s like she’s disappointed in me but she’s not.
“Emmy get your fat ass out of bed!” My step-father shouts at me
“Mark calm down”. My mother says calmingly
“No, she need to not be a sad philosopher all the time!” Mark shouts
“Fine, Emmy let’s go. Now!” My mother says sternly
I groan. I get out of bed and walk downstairs, out the door and into the car. I put my earphones in and play Sad Song by We the Kings. My mum says it reminds her of dad. I start to think, I have work to do but that work is always incomplete why? Everyone else works finished but mine loops around all the time. My work keeps going until I push it too far and I fall off the edge. I get of the car and take out my earphones. I walk inside of my aunt’s house and begin to greet people. I walk to the willow tree that I always go to. Sometimes I feel like me and the willow are alike sometimes. I hear laughing, not from this party or whatever my family likes to call this gathering, but from next door. I look over the fence. Just a bunch of topless guys chilling round or jumping in the pool.
“Cute, aren’t they?” My aunty asks
“What, them? Nah”. I say
“Well they live down the block and they’re the most popular guys with the girls”. My aunty says
“Well I wouldn’t have any chance of getting with them that’s for sure”. I say
A football flew over the fence. I got up and went to go and get it. I turned around to the boy from next door sitting on the fence. I gently handed him his ball back.
“Thanks love”. He said
And then he jumped back down from the fence and back with his friends.

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