lover's last love

Gloria Pinkette has manage to remain head strong in order to stay sane so that she can continue her life without letting the emotional wounds of her past begin to bleed out for all to see. Her life consists of night classes at college, job, flirting with cute supervisor at job, sleep, then repeat. She had almost convinced herself that the events of her early life was no longer an ill contributing factor of her personal space. That was until her professor gave her an assignment that led her to an eccentric woman who would change her life in a very unique way.


5. 5.

~~Gloria reluctantly pulled up to the drive way of 1747 Marsh Avenue. The last time she had been at Avah's house things were less than satisfying. But she was taking Kevin's advice. In addition to Avah's car she saw a 2016 dodge charger also parked in the driveway. Ava opened the door after the bell had been ranged.
"Nice of you to come back Gloria. I wasn’t sure that I'd see you again," Avah said.
"Thanks. I have something I want to ask you but if you have company I could come back later."
"No please come in. The company I have actually concerns you."
Gloria followed Avah into the living room where a man had been seated. Laying eyes on him, Gloria realized that he looked familiar. As he stood up, Gloria did a brief scan of his features. He had tanned skin with curly ginger hair. His face was clean shaven, long and chiseled. His shoulders were broad and his poster was up right. He had the physique of an avid swimmer. In comparison to her memory, this version of him was a bit more seasoned in age. But there was no mistaking it. Gloria knew this person.
"Gloria this is Detective Joseph Greyhart," Avah introduced.
"Jesus it's you. You were there. You were the homicide detective for my mom's murder," said Gloria.
"It's good to see you again Gloria," said Greyhart.
Gloria turned to Avah.
"Why is he here?" She asked.
Before Avah could speak, Greyhart interjected.
"I believe I can answer that. Ali was working with me investigating the gift box murders when your mother was killed years ago. After hundreds of leads that led to nowhere my department mothballed the killings into cold case files. Two months ago a school teacher reported his wife missing. Not long after that he received a gift wrapped box that contained the mangled pieces of his wife. Ali came to me with some information that would have led us in the right direction to catching this psycho. The media believes that Ali's death was an accident. I revisited the scene and uncovered some inconsistencies. Ali Hudson's death wasn't an accident. He was murdered. I believe the gift box killer is responsible for his death. Gloria I remember what you told me when I took the police report that day. After what Avah told me she had experienced upon Ali's death I now know that it's too much of a connection between you guys for this to all be a coincidence. Which is why to catch this person, I'm now resorting to matters of spectral advisory. That's where you two come in."
Avah turned to Gloria.
"Why are you here Ms. Pinkette?" She asked.
Taking in what Greyhart just said, Gloria sat down on the sofa before she spoke.
"I have been doing some research that would explain how my dead mother would be able to speak to me and how you would be able to see Ali an hour after his death. The more I dug for answers, the more evident it became as to what you and I possibly are."
"Which is What Gloria? I need you to say it." Avah said.
Gloria looked up at Avah.
"We're...mediums...aren't we?" She asked.
"I believe we are," said Avah nodding her head.
"You guys are my last resort. I have an idea, and with your gifts, we may be able to catch this monster once and for all. What do you say Gloria?" said Greyhart.
Gloria buried her face into her hands and took a deep breath. Then she looked up at Avah, and smiled.
"I say I hope you have more of that two thousand three vintage port? Because this is going to be an interesting relationship."
Avah smiled back at Gloria.
"I'll go get a fresh bottle," she said.
"I'll take a glass of that delicious year too if you don’t mind," added Greyhart.
"I don’t mind at all," Avah said, with her back already turned walking to the kitchen.
Greayhart stole a fixed glare on Avah's backside as she walked away. When he heard Gloria laughing, he realized she saw him gawking at Avah. He colored with embarrassment.
"Don’t feel bad. Her ass did the same thing to me too," she said.
They both laughed out loud as Avah returned with the bottle of wine.



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