lover's last love

Gloria Pinkette has manage to remain head strong in order to stay sane so that she can continue her life without letting the emotional wounds of her past begin to bleed out for all to see. Her life consists of night classes at college, job, flirting with cute supervisor at job, sleep, then repeat. She had almost convinced herself that the events of her early life was no longer an ill contributing factor of her personal space. That was until her professor gave her an assignment that led her to an eccentric woman who would change her life in a very unique way.


4. 4.

~~Kevin casually scrolled up and down the narrow walkway that divided the two rows of cubicles that were opposite of each other. He raised his hand to check the time. He exhaled in that of dismay when he saw that it was not even close to shift change yet. That meant it was gonna be a long day. And even a longer night he feared. When he came to Gloria's empty cubicle, his cloud of dismay suddenly melted. He smiled in delight from the events that had taken place there only a few hours ago. If there was ever a woman he wanted more than anything, it was Gloria Pinkette. He had enjoyed the flirtatious activity exchanged between them in the past six months. Kevin had met Gloria at a night club through a mutual friend of theirs. Short on cash after her father had cut her off from his money; Kevin offered her a job at the security agency. He just made supervisor and was happy to throw his pull in Gloria's direction. He had offered her a place to stay as well, but Gloria made it clear that him getting her a job was due diligence enough. He considered himself home free after what she allowed him to do in the cubicle today. If she hadn't gotten that tip for a story he would have had her mounted on the wall of an empty office space. The booming sound of the main door ferociously smacking against the wall from being violently shoved open abruptly tore through his train of thought. Kevin whipped around to see Gloria bolting through the doorway.
"I thought you were taking the rest of the day off," said Kevin.
" Yeah I uh, I just needed to come back. I need the distraction, "Gloria said walking past Kevin, waving her hand in his face in a dismissive manner. Kevin was taken aback by the gesture. He followed her to her cubicle.
"Is there something wrong? You seem-"
" Kevin I...I just don't want to talk about it right now ok? "
"Fine, sure. I was just going to ask you how did the interview go and-"
"My God Kevin. I don't want to talk about it please," said Gloria firmly.
Kevin threw up his hands in defeat and began to turn away from her. Just as he was turning away he collided with Sampson who had been carrying a towering stack of papers. Their collision caused the papers to fountain over onto Gloria's desk knocking everything over. The emotional bomb created by Avah had been ticking since she left her house. And Sampson, the poor soul that he was, had just unwittingly clipped the wrong wire. Gloria leaped up from her desk.
"Jesus Sampson I know you suck at your job, but do you think you could muster up enough competence that would allow you to hold onto something like an evolved human being with opposable thumbs?"
Sampson stood there, unable to respond. Between the remark she just made and her menacing glare, he couldn't muster the physical ability to do much of anything else. Kevin quickly stepped in between them.
"Hey ease up Gloria that was uncalled for," scolded Kevin.
"Whatever Kevin! I'm just saying what everyone here already knows and what you've already said behind his back anyway! "
"Ok you need to calm down," Kevin warned.
"Or what? You gonna bend me over and spank me! That's what you wanna do anyways. I doubt it would satisfy me though!"
Gloria turned to the rest of the people in the room already glued to her attention.
"Trust me ladies if you are looking in his direction you might not want to waste your time. I felt his little friend earlier today and let’s just say he's a few sausage links short of a full pack! "
"Ok everybody out, now I need to speak with Ms. Pinkette alone. Out! Now!" Kevin ordered.
Everyone hustled out of the room. Kevin locked the door and started in towards Gloria's direction.
"What the hell is your problem! I got a right mind to fire you over that stunt you just pulled!"
"Let me save you the trouble! I quit!" Gloria raged.
"Good! I don’t know what happened between the time you left outta here and now but whatever it is you can carry it, and yourself right outta here! No one has time for this ghetto shit!"
"Ghetto? Ghetto! Negro kisses my natural black ass! You don’t know a damn thing about me except for what I let you know! I bet your preppy ass can’t handle this ghetto shit! Go to hell you punk ass buster!"
Without the slimmest of warning, Kevin suddenly swooped Gloria up into his arms, and plopped her on top of her desk. Gloria violently kicked and scratched at Kevin in efforts to make him let her go.
"Get the hell off me! Get off me!" She screamed.
But Kevin had no intention of letting her go. Because what her mouth was telling him was entirely different from what her body was begging for.
Kevin feverishly kissed across Gloria's neck. With a pulse of strength, Gloria pushed Kevin off of her. They stood there for a few seconds staring at each other. As their eyes wildly pierced into each other, they suddenly felt it. Maybe even smelt it. The scent of erotic chemistry. The pheromone fumes of sexual energy raved in and out of their nostrils. Then suddenly, just as two magnets would do, their bodies sucked into each other with primitive intensity.
Gloria wrapped her legs around Kevin as they kissed with lustful passion. Their clothes seemed to vanish from their bodies the way they had been pulling them off. Kevin ripped her already soaked panties to shreds. He spread Gloria's legs and perched her feet on opposite sides of the desk. As he lowered himself between her thighs, his tongue was already protruding from his mouth just before he buried his face into her smooth hairless nest of juice and chocolate. Gloria hissed in delight. She cuffed the back of his head grinding it deeper into her. Kevin sucked and pegged at her scarlet filled clit. Gloria arched her back and elevated her distance from the desk with one hand, while still cuffing Kevin's head with the other. He rose to his feet. He grabbed her from off the desk, and sat her feet back on the floor. Kevin violently spun her around and bent her over the desk. He stared at her supple derriere. As her legs parted ways, so too did the lips of her labia, exposing the luscious pink of her pulsating canal. Gloria looked back at Kevin and gave him a welcoming yet evil and sardonic smile, as if to ask him what was he waiting for? Without further hesitation, Kevin clasped her backside with both hands and lovingly impaled her with sheer an utter vehemence. Gloria's body went rigid. Her head snapped back, her mouth dropped open, and a puff of air leaped from her mouth.
Kevin shoveled in and out of her with pile driving force. His stomach smacked Gloria's cocoa colored ass creating a thunderous clapping noise that sounded off in echoes throughout the office. Gloria moaned, grunted and howled in sensual satisfaction.
"How's this sausage link huh? Still too small for you?" Kevin taunted.
Gloria looked back at him, her face in a pleasurable whimpered state.
"I'm sorr...I'm so sorry daddy! I'm sorry I doubted you! Just please, please keep throwin' that dick! Please baby, please, oh fuck this pussy daddy fuck it! Fuck it!"
He did as he was told. As his thrusts grew stronger, Gloria reached back with a hand and placed it on his lower abdomen in hopes of achieving some relief from Kevin's delicious but painful penetration. Kevin smacked her hand out of the way.
"You're gonna take it. You're gonna take this dick because I said so! Do you understand me? Gloria nodded in submission as she placed her hand back on the desk.
"I understand daddy! Oh got dammit I understand! So long as you understand that I'm about to cum on that dick, oh shit! Oh shit! Shit! Shit! Oh fuck this pussy, shit! "
Wave after wave of melodious belligerence escaped from Gloria's mouth as her body cocooned itself in a tantalizing barrage of convulsing tremors. As Kevin saw her body become animated by a myriad of copious orgasms, it was all that he needed to arouse his loins to the point of no return. With a final jolting lunge into her, Kevin amassed a triumphant release. And In doing so he joined Gloria in a synchronized explosion of euphoric nirvana, filling her walls with roping rivulets of warm milky love cream. The only sound now, was that of their excessive breathing. Their bodies slowly went limp. As they sunk to the floor Kevin detached himself from inside of her. Their position of finality had been Kevin sitting on the floor, with his arms around Gloria, as she sat in his lap, with her head resting on his shoulder.

"Well I guess you set me straight huh?" said Gloria.
Kevin laughed.
"It was clear you needed a firm dressing down," Kevin told her.
She snickered.
"Not that I give a damn anymore, but why were you so upset Gloria?"
Gloria Sighed.
"It turns out that Avah Hudson was the psychiatrist that had been seeing my family after my mom was murdered. That’s why I was able to get the story instead of Duncan. She already knew who I was.
"Jesus Christ Gloria. What did she want?"
"She said that she knew I'd believe her because-."
She didn't finish the sentence.
"I don’t want to talk about it ok? Just not now, I'm not ready,"
Kevin hugged her closer.
"Forget I mentioned it," Kevin told her.
They sat in silence for what seemed like only the briefest of moments.
"So for the sake of the elephant we both now know is in the room, what does this make us?" Kevin asked.
Gloria took her head off of his shoulder, and turn to meet his face.
"Do you even have to ask? I just gave you some of my goodies. Boy we go together now!" declared Gloria.
They both laughed.
"And what great goodies they are," said Kevin kissing her lovingly on the cheek.
"Kevin I like you a lot, I really do. But in order for this to work for me, I need to be able to trust that you will protect me. Not physically, but emotionally. I never told anyone this, not even my own family. But since my mother’s death I have never been the same. My mom was my best friend. I have been broken ever since that day. Avah really took me back to that horrible moment and it was too much to bear. I'm still trying to find a way to heal from it. So if you're going to be with me, I just want you to know what it means to handle my heart."

"I understand. But if you don't mind me suggesting something. Maybe you met this Avah Hudson for a reason. Maybe she's the answer to you being able to heal. In some unusual way, maybe her tragedy will allow you to overcome yours. And maybe by her helping you, she may be able to heal from her own loss. I believe you guys were put together for a reason."
Gloria looked at him smiling. She kissed him on the lips.
"Great sex and great insight. What else is hiding in there?" she said.
"I guess you'll find out," he told her.

Their moment became undone by an ear bleeding siren that suddenly began to pour from each computer in the office. Each monitor simultaneously transformed from a vacant black screen, to one bearing the one name they hoped and prayed they'd never see; Slazenger.
Gloria and Kevin pounced up from the floor.
"Shit!" screamed Kevin
"Oh my God," said Gloria.
"Where's the flash drive I gave you?" Kevin Asked.
Gloria fingered through her pants pockets. Then a horrific memory shot in her mind.
"It's in the car!" She said.
"Damn! Quick put on your clothes. In a moment the office crew will be coming back up here to man their cubicles for the hacking drill." Ordered Kevin.
"But what about the system!" Gloria yelled.
"There’s no time! You and Sampson have the only two copies of the flash drive. If we can’t save the system, at least we can salvage our dignity!"
They gathered their clothes in a scamper, wrestling to redress themselves. There was nothing they could do except watch the meltdown of their data systems. Kevin now fully clothed started toward the door. They could hear the herding stampede of the employees rushing up the stairs. Gloria hopped to her desk struggling to put her other shoe on. Kevin unlocked the door, letting the workers spill into the office. They had arrived, just in time to see the screens go blue. Then… there was nothing.


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