lover's last love

Gloria Pinkette has manage to remain head strong in order to stay sane so that she can continue her life without letting the emotional wounds of her past begin to bleed out for all to see. Her life consists of night classes at college, job, flirting with cute supervisor at job, sleep, then repeat. She had almost convinced herself that the events of her early life was no longer an ill contributing factor of her personal space. That was until her professor gave her an assignment that led her to an eccentric woman who would change her life in a very unique way.


3. 3.

~~Gloria ranged the doorbell of the residence of 1747 Marsh Avenue. The home of one, Avah Courtney Hudson. She heard shuffling from the inside that progressed as it neared the door. She heard the familiar disarming sound the alarm system made when the code is punched in on the digital display screen. The door swung open and their faces met.
"Avah Hudson?"
"Yes?" Said Avah, with a mixed voice of both curiosity and suspicion.
"I'm Gloria Pinkette, my professor said you requested me for a case study," said Gloria extending her hand.
Avah grabbed her hand and squeezed gently.
"Oh yes, yes please come in I've been expecting you," she said.
Gloria stepped in and Avah closed the door behind her.
"Would you like anything to drink? Perhaps water, tea, or wine?" Avah offered.
"Uh wine would be nice, thank you," Gloria obliged.
"Red or white," Avah asked.
"Red please," said Gloria.
Gloria watched Avah trot to the kitchen. As she walked, she took a quick inventory of Avah.
Her rotund curves filled the black satin house gown that she wore perfectly. For a big girl she saw that Avah carried herself very well. She was big but not sloppy. Her light brown skin seemed to illuminate the dimly lit living room. She could see the panty print from the gown as she saw her robustly round back side bobble from left to right. Gloria turned away as if she was trying to break a trance that had encompassed her. Truth be told she had been stunned by Avah's beauty. Avah reappeared from the kitchen holding a metal wine bucket housed with a bottle swallowed by ice in one hand, coupling two stemless glasses and a cork screw in the other. She made her way on the opposite side of the living room table that Gloria was seated at, and then placed the bucket and glasses down on it.
"You look a little too young to be fancying a glass of wine Gloria. I think I’m going to have to see some ID," teased Avah removing the bottle from the ice and uncorking it.
"Trust me I’m well within my legal rights to partake in the consumption of the devil's nectar," said Gloria chuckling.
Avah poured the wine for both glasses.
"Not too much. Red wine brings out the loose side of me," Gloria warned jokingly.
"Wouldn't that be something to see," Avah said with a devious smile.
For some strange reason Gloria gathered the notion that Avah was flirting with her. What amazed her even more was that she was kind of enjoying it.
Avah watched Gloria as she picked up the glass of wine to see what she would do. Gloria whirled the wine in a circular motion. She sniffed it briefly, sipped it, and then took a lengthy pull. Avah raised an eyebrow and smiled impressively.
"Are you somewhat of a wine connoisseur Ms. Pinkette?" Avah asked.
"Somewhat, Gloria explained. My dad is a collector. He often took us on business trips that frequently included wine tastings. Just kind of stuck with me I guess. This is a very nice merlot. Sweet but not overbearing. What year is this?"
"It's a two thousand three vintage port," Avah responded still smiling.
"I thought so. The tannins while not too heavy, still has enough weight to it to nicely linger on the pallet," said Gloria.
"Perhaps we should venture off on a wine tasting sometime in the near future," suggested Avah.
Gloria nodded in approval.
This was going well, Gloria thought. She was taken aback at the undeniable chemistry that was transpiring between them. Gloria dunked the wine almost to completion, but left just enough in the glass that would imply a refill.
"More wine?" Avah Asked holding the bottle.
"Are you planning on stealing my goodies Mrs. Hudson?" Gloria teased.
"Trust me that's one crime you would want me to commit Ms. Pinkette," Avah said winking.
"You know its unsavory sportsmanship to play for both teams," Gloria said.
"And yet here we are still flirting. Once you've lost everything, you're free to do anything," Avah pointed out.
And there it was. Avah had made the confirmation. This was flirting, boldly plan and simple.
"Maybe more after the interview," Gloria said pulling out her pen and note pad.
"Of course," Avah said holding up her glass as if she was going to toast, then threw her head back drinking the wine to completion.
Gloria poked the plunger down on her retractable pen and began.
"Mrs. Hudson about a month ago you witnessed a tragic loss in the matters of your husband, uh Ali, I believe it was?"
"Correct. My husband died in a car accident nearly a month ago today. His car veered off from the road and tore through the guard rail. The car flipped sixteen times. Ali was thrown from the car and his body smashed against the rocks. The M.E. said he died before he was plunged from the vehicle. I would always scold him about wearing his seatbelt. I'm told he wasn't wearing one that night."
"I'm so sorry Mrs. Hudson," Gloria told her.
"So am I. Ali was a reporter like you. When dispatched to a story his mind would go into full throttle and he would just jump in the car and peel out to catch his lead, seatbelt be damned. His nasty habit finally caught up to him".
Avah paused a moment to catch her composure. Scrapping across the emotional wounds that have not even begun to heal yet, made this interview somewhat difficult for her.
"Take your time Mrs. Hudson you don't have to-"
Avah waved up a hand to cut her off.
"No, no I uh, I need this. I want this, she said. Of course at the time I had no idea any of this had taken place. Because my husband had walked through that door just as you recently had, and was just as alive as you and I are right now. I remember him apologizing for being late for dinner. It was our anniversary. He told me that he ran into a traffic jam, and that's why he was late. I realize now that he had been talking about his own demise. Ali was a bit of a joker. Even in death, he still had been himself."
"That’s what I want to elaborate more on. On the night of Mr. Hudson's death, as you have just clarified, you had no idea of the tragic event that had transpired. Please explain to me your recollection of that night."
This would be it. The all telling moment for Gloria that would determine if she would fashion herself as a person that continued to do this type of work for the rest of her life. Reporting the things that no one else would care to fathom a second thought of. Be the face and voice of all things weird and eerie. Or would she take Kevin's offer for the position at the company and rise through the ranks with him, and occasionally rise up and down on something attached to him. Gloria listened to Avah as she explained in articulate detail about the last encounter that she had with Ali. She held on to the idea that he came home that night and they made passionate love after he carried her all the way up stairs to their bedroom. She even went into detail about their breath taking sexcapade. Gloria rustled with the conflict of trying to figure out was it even necessary for Avah to even venture that deep into such visual vulgarities. Or was she simply trying to exemplify the great extension of her erogenous touch. Either way Gloria found herself becoming less and less interested; both in the story, and in Avah. She expected her to believe that her dead husband showed up to her after becoming a human shish kabob on razor sharp rocks, lifted her big ass up into his arms and carried her big ass up stairs so they could bump gullies. Then right after realizing this, she knew this would be the exact thing that she would have to convince other people of as well. As Avah saw the transformation of disbelief on Gloria's face she stopped talking.
"Is there a problem Ms. Pinkette? You seem uninterested all of a sudden,"
"No it's just that I uh," Gloria stumbled over her words from being called out by Avah.
I better come clean now, she thought.
"I'm gonna be frank Mrs. Hudson. It just all seems a bit much to take in. I mean put yourself in my position. If the shoe were on the other foot what would you think?"
At this Avah said nothing. She simply smiled and poured herself another glass of wine. She took a sip and put the glass back down still looking at Gloria. She shook her head with a chuckle.
" II n’y a pas de cadeau mieux que celui de croyance," said Avah.
"Excuse me?" Gloria said baffled.
“It's a stanza from one of my favorite poets. It's french for, there’s no gift better than that of belief," Avah told her.
"I don’t understand," admitted Gloria.
"Tell me something Ms. Pinkette. Why would someone studying the likes of paranormal activity have trouble believing in that which is paranormal?"
Gloria shrugged.
"Your classmate didn't decline his interview with me, I declined him in favor of you," Avah told her.
"But why me?" Gloria asked.
"You know as a reporter you certainly lack a great deal of perception," said Avah.
"My abilities of perception are fine," Gloria shot back.
"I highly doubt that. But while I have your attention, allow me to exemplify my own abilities of perception. When you first arrived to my house and sat down before me I noted the position of your posture. It remained upright and well erect, indicating someone who's attentive and believes they will receive the desired information they had come to acquire. The fact that I offered you wine and that you find me attractive only made you more comfortable in believing that you would get the information you had come for. But when I began talking about the events between me and my husband, your posture slowly declined to a rather moping slump, indicating an extreme loss of interest due to a sudden lack of belief. Am I right so far?"
"And how is it that you know all of this? Are you some kind of expert?" Gloria Challenged.
"As a matter of fact I am. You really should pay more attention to your surroundings. Make note of the plaque behind me on the wall, upper left. My left to be exact."
Gloria's eyes followed in the direction given to her by Avah, and they led her to a 10x16 plaque, a gold plate that rested on a glossed wooden panel. Gloria winced of inferior disdain as she read the words etched across the gold plating:

Dr. Avah Courtney Hudson
Physician of Psychiatric Behavior

Gloria looked back at Avah.
"Maybe if you hadn't been so affixed on the motion of my ass, you would have noticed that earlier," boasted Avah.
"What is this?" Gloria asked.
"Call it an intervention, explained Avah. I'd like to tell you a story. A Few years ago a little girl and her family were living in perfect harmony without a care in the world. The little girl's father owned an accounting firm that provided a comfortable living for himself, his wife, the little girl and her two sisters. One day the mother said that she was going out to grocery shop for the night’s dinner. Two hours went by, and then three more hours had passed. Her husband had wondered what was keeping her. The woman was a frequent customer of the grocery store. Not to mention that his wife had a one track mind when it came to shopping. So she already knew what she wanted before she would even get to the store. After a series of ignored phone calls, the husband became worried. After the initial 911 phone call the police spent two days looking for the missing woman. They searched every abandoned building, every inch of the woods, and asked everyone that may have seen or heard anything. But there was no hope or any kind of lead. A month after her disappearance, the family had been getting ready for the day. As if there world had not been turned upside down enough, there was a knock that sounded from the door. That knock would change the course of that family's life forever. Sound like anyone you know Gloria?"
Gloria rose up from the sofa.
"How dare you? You think just because you have a degree in listening to people's personal problems that gives you the right to play God with their lives? You have no idea what I go through every day! Being haunted by what I saw every waking moment!" Gloria roared.
"But I do Gloria, Avah assured her. I do. I have seen the police report of your mother's murder. It was you. You were the one that came to the door after the knock. You found the gift wrapped box and opened it. And it was you that found your mother in the box chopped to pieces. The police report mentioned what happen after that. They said you told the homicide detective that your mother's decapitated head turned to you, after one of her mutilated arms grabbed you, telling you to and I quote, find him Gloria! Find who did this to me and the others! Find him! That's why I chose you. Because I knew you already had a brush with the paranormal. And I knew you would believe me about my husband. That's why I-"
"Stop it! Just stop! I don't need this shit!" Screamed Gloria covering her ears.
"I can help you Gloria. If you gave me the chance I could really help you," Avah pleaded.
"You go to hell, you crazy bitch! Do you hear me? You go to hell!" Gloria snarled.
And with that she stormed out of Avah's house, got in her car and drove away with an ear shattering screech of burning rubber.


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