lover's last love

Gloria Pinkette has manage to remain head strong in order to stay sane so that she can continue her life without letting the emotional wounds of her past begin to bleed out for all to see. Her life consists of night classes at college, job, flirting with cute supervisor at job, sleep, then repeat. She had almost convinced herself that the events of her early life was no longer an ill contributing factor of her personal space. That was until her professor gave her an assignment that led her to an eccentric woman who would change her life in a very unique way.


2. 2.

~~"Son of a Bitch!" Gloria Pinkett Shrilled, leaping up from her desk from the sweltering coffee that spilled onto her jean skirt and her exposed light chocolate brown thighs. She had nodded off at her desk holding the mug in her hand, now painfully and regrettably paying for it. It was the cost that came with living the double life of a journalism student by night and surveillance equipment installer by day. The price seemed righteous enough to her. Being a journalist is all that she could think of being. Even if her snobby father thought it was an utter waste of time. Gloria's father lived life in a very straight line. And that line included running his accounting firm that he had built from the ground up. When he found out what she had been studying, Gloria's father put the brakes on her tuition payments.
"A Pinkett counts money, we don’t tell stories," he told her.
She cringed sometimes when she thought that she could keep it from him. Her father had an uncanny way of finding things out when it came to his daughters. His senses seemed to have become enhanced ever since the tragic event that occurred with her mom. Her two older sisters, both unmotivated, and becoming single parents early on, didn't have much of a choice but to succumb to the symbiotic pull of the family business. But the black sheep rooted in Gloria's DNA just would not let her give in.
"Here let me get that," said a voice that towered over her from behind.
That voice came from Kevin Hawthorne. Kevin was a dark skinned hunk of heart throb that sent warm flusters coursing through Gloria's veins. And they both knew it. Kevin leaned into Gloria's cubicle with the tissue in his hand and ran the tissue from the bottom of her leg all the way to the part of her inner thigh that was shrouded by her skirt. Gloria playfully swiped his hand out of the way.
"Stop that. People will see," warned Gloria.
"That's not necessarily a bad thing," said Kevin.
She rolled her eyes at him smiling. Kevin was not Gloria's type. So it baffled her exceedingly as to why on earth was she attracted to him. Sure he was smart, confident, and uncalculatingly good looking. But in Gloria's mind all those attributes had to come standard in order to even sway a stem of her attention. So what was it? Then she suddenly realized what it had been. Kevin possessed the arousing, alluring compulsion to take charge in a situation. After all, he was supervisor of her division at the surveillance company. Kevin has hinted at Gloria to take up the mantle of lead technician for his division. It would naturally mean more responsibility, but would also follow with a bump in her pay check. God knows she could use the money. But Gloria also considered the thought of what could be fuelling Kevin’s motivation for her to take hold of the position. Truth of the matter was, the current lead tech Glenn Sampson, was not fitting the bill of Kevin's expectations. If he wasn't having complaints from customers calling back to the company for improper equipment installs, it was co-workers reporting to Kevin about his frequent lingering stench of alcohol that would reach the cubical office five minutes before he would come through the door. Then Gloria fathomed a more likely theory. And that was that Kevin wanted Gloria by his side in business, so that it would make it easier to have her by his side in the bedroom. She could picture the whole thing in her head now. She would be in the office having all the techs assume the orders of her every beckoning call, and she would assume the orders of every beckoning call from Kevin, both inside and outside of the office. And if she was to be completely honest with herself, she liked the idea. Because the simple truth was that Gloria greatly relished the thought of submitting her mind, soul, and yearning body to Kevin. But another fly by night fling is something that she did not want. So for now, until she could rationalize her feelings, flirting would have to do. He neatly folded the tissue and placed it in his pocket.
"I'm going to get this tissue laminated and framed," Kevin said.
"You know our director frowns a great deal on sexual harassment," Gloria warned playfully. Kevin pulled up a chair and sat down beside her.
"Maybe if you'd let me take you out finally I wouldn't have to grope and fondle you here. It would be done within the private walls of my home after a night on the town," assured Kevin.
"I look forward to that. But right now I'm greatly enjoying the chase," said Gloria.
Kevin smiled.
"Another night of burning the midnight oil?" Kevin said pointing to Gloria's journalism textbook. She sighed in exhaustion.
"You have no idea. God, sometimes I wish there were two of me," admitted Gloria.
"That's a threesome I would love to be a part of," said Kevin.
"If I wasn't so into you, I'd think you were a total creep," said Gloria.
They both laughed.
"So what's the layout for today?” Gloria Asked
"Making room for more workers, said Kevin. Our sister company was hit by Slazenger last night. Their main servers were immediately compromised. It took only seconds for all their monitors to go blue screen. They never had a chance."
"Jesus Christ," Gloria gasped.
"So now I have two divisions instead of one. The sacrificial lambs will be taking the office space on the fifth floor." said Kevin.
Wreaking havoc on every computer system that would succumb to its will, the cyber attacker known only as Slazenger has spared no computer system of its wrath that had been within a thirty mile radius of the surveillance company Kevin and Gloria worked for. Victims of the cyber attacker report that a loud siren like noise would come from the computers, initiating the attack. Then the name Slazenger would appear on the computer screens, completely immobilizing their systems. A few minutes after that happened, the screens go black and when they come back on, they were a blank blue.
"The police while diligent in their search have alas yielded no leads that would result in an apprehension," Kevin's director had told him.
That pretty much equated to saying the police had no idea how to catch whoever was doing this.
"So what are we doing to avoid the attack? I mean what's to stop this, Slazenger from hitting us?" Gloria asked.
"Nothing really. But our IT department has been beefing up the tech security with fire walls that have a stronger encryption," said Kevin.
He reached into his pocket and pulled out a flash drive.
"Here take this. These are the encryption codes in the event of the attack. Sampson has a copy too. That way, we're covered on night shift as well if he can muster up enough brains to act as quickly as possible. He knows that he's on his last leg with me so I doubt that he will screw this up," he said.
Gloria took the flash drive.
"This is an awfully huge responsibility you're giving me. You sure co-workers won’t suspect favoritism?" Gloria playfully warned.
"They don't suit my level of comfort in competence," said Kevin.
"Or maybe it's just that they don't suit your level of sex appeal," teased Gloria licking her lips at him.
She looked up from her cubical to lock in on any wandering eyes. There were none. She took his hand and slowly guided it down in between her skirt. Kevin felt the barrier of panties that blocked what he really wanted his hands on. He slid them aside, restricting it with his thumb, and then inserted his middle finger into her warm chambers. Gloria closed her eyes and threw her head back, letting a breath of air escape her mouth. She quickly drew his hand back out of her. Kevin put his middle finger in his mouth and closed his lips around it, then slowly pulled it back out.
"Mmm, perfume," he said smiling and raising his eyebrows.
Gloria shoved him and blurted out a laugh.
"Let’s go finish this somewhere else," suggested Kevin.
Gloria nodded. As they both got up to leave the office, Gloria's cell phone went off.

Gloria. The Hudson story is yours.
The location is 1747 Marsh Avenue.
She's expecting you.
Mr. Perish...

"Oh God yes! I got it!" Gloria praised.
"Got what? What’s going on?" Kevin Asked.
"My first story! That was my journalism professor. Little pencil neck nerd Duncan must have declined on the Hudson case because he was supposed to have this one," Gloria said.
"Hudson case?" Kevin said completely puzzled.
"Yeah, about a month ago this lady Avah Hudson lost her husband to a car accident that killed him instantly."
"Ok, that's nothing out of the ordinary. People die in car accidents every day," stated Kevin,
"True, but it's not the accident that was out of the ordinary, Gloria explained. It was something else. See Avah claims that she saw her husband that night. Felt him, kissed him, even made love to him the night he died. The problem with that is, she did all this with him reportedly an hour after he died in the accident."
Kevin frowned speculatively.
"That seems like a pretty long stretch," he said.
"It does, but you're forgetting one thing. I'm majoring in journalism of paranormal activity. And this is definitely that," said Gloria.
She grabbed her back pack and stored all her belongings.
"I need a rain check on our little soiree that was just about to happen. Give me the rest of the day off."
"Go ahead. I'm doing a double shift today. With the newbies arriving the director wants me to assure that things go as smoothly as possible when it comes to getting them adjusted here,"
"Thanks, I'm outta here," Gloria said.
Kevin grabbed her arm.
"No kiss?" He asked.
Gloria leaned into him slowly and puckered her lips. Kevin closed his eyes. He let out a small cry when he felt the clasp of pressure from Gloria's hand closing down on his crotch. He laughed.
"Mmm meaty. Now I'm definitely interested. 'Till next time," said Gloria.
She released him and walked out of the office.

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