lover's last love

Gloria Pinkette has manage to remain head strong in order to stay sane so that she can continue her life without letting the emotional wounds of her past begin to bleed out for all to see. Her life consists of night classes at college, job, flirting with cute supervisor at job, sleep, then repeat. She had almost convinced herself that the events of her early life was no longer an ill contributing factor of her personal space. That was until her professor gave her an assignment that led her to an eccentric woman who would change her life in a very unique way.


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Avah Hudson laid out the lobster dinner on top of the dining room table while butterflies danced around in her belly, as if she was waiting on a high school boy. But it was no high school boy she had been waiting on. It was her Husband of 13 years, Ali. Ali Hudson met Avah at her high school when he was an air force recruiter. Though their age differences made their love extremely taboo, Ali could not help that he was quite smitten with Avah. Much to Ali's dismay, Avah joined the navy instead of the air force. But that did not stop him from pursuing her. Before Avah joined the military, Ali and Avah would frequent each other on a regular basis. Being that Avah's father was a pastor at his church, they had to sneak around stealthily if they were to be successful in avoiding detection. Ali's sister Kyla served as a well appreciated liaison for them to weave in and out of suspicious eyes. They stayed exclusive throughout their military careers while pursuing their accolades in college, which ultimately led to their beautiful wedding. Avah pounced into action when she heard shuffling outside of the front door. She opened the door to see Ali's glimmering smile. No words were spoken as he leaned into her, with a generous kiss.
“Sorry I'm late babe. I ran into a traffic jam,” he said. 
“As far as I'm concerned you’re right on time,” Avah proclaimed.  He knelt down, and lifted her up while simultaneously embracing her. He twirled her around as she giggled sheepishly. Avah hated the fact that she had gained weight in the last six months. Ali with his unyielding love for her, and his chiseled physique, made it easier for Avah to cope; and lift. That was one of the many attributes Avah treasured in Ali. He loved her viciously in a manner that could only be described as sensationally unconditional. As he let her down, she motioned a hand towards the candle lit dinner.  “It's your favorite,” Avah told him.
“I love lobster. Why do you spoil me?” Ali Asked.
“Because you’re my king,” Avah said.
He kissed her again, then another; first gingerly, then feverishly. As they separated for air, their eyes glared at each other with wild ambition.
“We can come back to dinner later. Let’s go upstairs,” said Ali.
“I'm all yours my king,” Avah told him.
He hefted her into his arms once again, and carried her up stairs as she noosed her arms around his muscular neck. They stole away up the staircase and into their bedroom. Ali was introduced to a bed laced with silk sheets generously riddled with rose peddles, candle light that contoured the corners and walls, and a faint yet recognizable perfumed scent of roasted cinnamon and mahogany.
Ali smiled at her.
"Someone’s been very busy," he said
"All for you babe," Avah assured.
He carried her over to the bed and laid her down. He stood up hovering over her, marveling in her impeccable beauty.
"I have an angel for a wife," he whispered.
She smiled. He leaned on top of her and aligned his face with hers. His eager lips connected with her succulent and tender ones. Their mouths parted ways allowing their tongues to begin an intimate dance. He unveiled the black satin gown that complimented her luscious curves, exposing her body boastfully bare as God intended it to be. Ali zeroed in on her right breast, his lips forming a horned shape over her light brown nipple. Avah inhaled with a hiss as Ali made contact. He joyously pegged and pulled on her nipple as a cat would take to a dish of milk. After showing both her breast the same attention, he stationed his head between them and started kissing downward inch by inch, making his way between her rotund thighs. Putting his tongue to work again, Ali used it to part the lips of her vagina, unsheathing her engorged clit from its hood. He paused a moment, listening to Avah who was now breathing heavily with anticipation; for she knew what would come next. Then without warning, Ali latched onto her clit with the speed of a viper strike. Avah yelped and bellowed in blissful tones. Ali ate away at her with divine purpose, as her plump thighs enveloped and released his head in the motion of a butterfly's wings. She reached down with both hands and placed them on top of his head full of dark curly hair. She pressed his face in closer as if she was trying to make his head apart of her.
"My God yes! Ali! Please don’t stop!" She praised.
And with that request, he did exactly what she wanted him not to do. She looked up at Ali to see him getting undressed. She laughed with what little breath she still possessed.
"Oh you're so dirty. You knew what was about to happen," she told him.
He stood there smiling. His naked Adonis body radiating in the moon light that shinned from their room window.
"I have you on the edge. But I want to jump off with you," said Ali.
He slowly laid on top of her again spouting more kisses to her, first lip upon lip, then their tongues found each other once more. Then suddenly, when she wasn't expecting it, Ali slowly but lovingly impaled her pink vaginal walls with his extensively throbbing rock. Avah gasped in exhilarating pleasure. Ali also moaned in delight as his manhood stewed in Avah's warm nest of honey. He grasped her in his vise like arms.  Then with his powerful pelvis, he slowly thrust himself in and out of her. Missionary was Ali's favorite position, and Avah loved it. She loved the idea of being totally submissive to the only man in the world that she could call her own. As his speed quickened, Avah threw her head back in bliss and grabbed his ass with both hands. She entered the realm of nirvana as the motion of the bed collaborated with the rhythmic sound of the head board pattering against the wall. Faster still, Ali pummeled into Avah, taking immense enjoyment in the fact that her love juices were gushing out of her onto his stomach. Avah felt the familiar swell of her man’s monstrous rod that started to part her walls even farther. He was ready to burst. And so was she. A full and flush feeling instantly took hold of her. Then involuntarily her back arched upward, and Avah let out a whaling hum. Ali followed closely behind her with a bear like groan of his own. They lost themselves in the moment as the noises from their mouths created their own music while their bodies wriggled and shook in spasmodic explosions. Avah loosened her grip from Ali's body, still trying to regain her breath. She chuckled.
"My hero," she said with an even louder giggle.
Of all the things to say, that was the first to pop in her head.
"I enjoyed it too my little love deviant," Ali teased.
"Whatever! I wasn't that hellish was I?" Avah Asked.
"You were worse. And I enjoyed every bit of it," Ali told her giving her a kiss.
They exchanged a few more lip tags, then Ali got up.
"I'm going to grab a shower. I'm deathly drained," Ali said smiling.
"My love is energetically absorbent baby," said Avah.
"I can’t think of a better being to give my life force to, my succulent succubus," he continued teasing.
Avah laughed again. He leaned down on top of her again and kissed her one last time. It was a long, drawn out purposeful kiss. The kiss one gives just before a long departure.
"With all of my heart and soul, you are forever my love," Ali proclaimed.
"As are you to me baby," promised Avah.
Ali rose up from her again and made his way to the bathroom.
"I'll join you as soon as I gain my strength. You have the ability to drain my life force too you know," she said.
He said nothing. He only looked back at her over his shoulder and smiled as he entered the bathroom closing the door behind him. Avah let out a long sigh of relief, staring up at the ceiling still smiling. Suddenly, as she heard the shower in the bathroom come to life, she noticed a silhouette of movement shining on the wall from the moonlight coming through the window. Avah looked over to the window and saw the most peculiar thing. It was a dove perched on the window stool outside. Curious, and faintly alarmed, Avah got up, found her robe, and walked over to the window. She raised the window. To her surprise, the dove didn't scamper off in fear. Instead, it made its way off the stool, and on to her hand. Astounded, Avah watched the graceful bird as it proceeded up her arm, and onto her shoulder. It cooed in her ear and rustled its feathers on her cheek, acquainting itself with Avah as if they were old friends. Then before she knew it, it was back in the air, soaring through the night sky. Avah stood there letting the cool air from outside blow against her while she watched the dove vanish in the distance. Suddenly, the ringing of the phone sliced through her attention. She walked over to the phone and picked it up. The woman on the other line, who she recognized, was crying. It was Kyla, her sister-in-law.
"Kyla? What's wrong, are you ok?" Avah asked.
"Avah...Ali he...oh God it's-" Kyla began but Avah cut her off.
"Kyla Ali he...he's here he's in the shower," Avah assured.
"Wh-what? Avah what are...what are you talking about?"
"Ali's here. I um, I just gave him his anniversary gift. You know, the one that keeps on giving," hinted Avah with a laugh.
"Avah that's not funny," Kyla scolded.
"Kyla Ali is here what do you want me to say? And why are you crying?"
"Listen Avah, I don’t know what kind of sick moment you're living in, but my brother, your husband, was in a car accident about an hour ago."
Kyla's voice became a whimper once again.
"He's...he's dead Avah. Ali is dead," Kyla sobbed.
Avah thought she felt her heart skip in rhythm. It was then that she realized that the water from the shower was still running in the bathroom. Taking the phone with her, Avah walked slowly to the bathroom door. With her heart beating rampantly, and her adrenaline in full throttle, she turned the knob. Her eyes widened to the image that was before her. Fear and frantic excitement took hold of her body as she no longer could deny the horrific revelation of Kyla's words. Then as she could hold on to reality no more, her body went limp and she collapsed to the floor, claimed by unconsciousness. Only two sounds still remained in the bedroom now; the continuous flow of water from the shower that had no one inside of it, and the ascending voice of Kyla still on the phone repeatedly calling Avah's name.
"Avah are you ok?"
"Avah? Avah? Avah!"

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