Michael needed to buy his mother a gift. And there was she, the floriculture girl. After find out her name, he decide that he has to come back to her.


2. Next day

One day after meeting the floriculture girl, Mike was decided to come back there and ask her out, but there was a problem. He was too shy for that. Well... There were two problems.

- heyy buddy - Calum saying sitting next to him in history class - how was your weekend? -

- it's was nice - he smiled - I met a nice girl -

- really? Who's she? -

- Ana... - he chuckled - she works on the floriculture -

- Michael are you talking about my step little sister? -

- s-she's your step sister? -

- yeah - he frowns -

- oh... sorry Cal -

Then the teacher walks in and talk a lot of stuffs while Michael wasn't paying attention. Calum's step sister? How?! Michael didn't even knew he had a step sister!

- hello son how was your day? - Karen asked when he walked in home -

- the same as always... -

- oh cool... I need you to do me a favor -

- but mom I need to study - he lied, the truth was that he just didn't want to go anywhere -

- is very fast, I just need you to go to the floriculture and ask Ana what's her phone, because my flowers are dying and I don't know what to do and I'm too busy to go there -

- I'll be right back -

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