Michael needed to buy his mother a gift. And there was she, the floriculture girl. After find out her name, he decide that he has to come back to her.


4. hey flower 🌻❤️

After getting Ana's phone number and thinking for a while, Michael decided to text her.

He breathed heavily, since he was afraid of getting rejected, and pressed 'send'

- hey pretty flower -

After 3 or 5 minutes (that looked like 3 or 5 hours to Michael) she answered.

- uh... hey... who's it? -

- it's...

He thought for some time...

- it's someone that really likes you -

- name? -

- oh baby, you don't need to know who I am, trust me -

- okay...

What Michael didn't knew was that she was blushing for being called baby.

But she didn't knew it was him.

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