The Rejects

I have no idea how I got here. I don't know why I got here. I don't know what's wrong with me. I thought I was a normal human with mental problems, ambidextrous, smarter than the normal human, capable of learning fighting techniques faster than any normal human could. But as fate would have it; I'm not human.
Disclaimer; I don't own My Little Pony, it is owned by Hasbro Studios, DHX, Megan McCarthy, and Lauren Faust. Also there will only be a little bit of sexual content, but nothing too nasty, also the ponies are all anthropomorphic.


1. Getting An Explanation.

I trudged through the forest as rain violently pelted my body. I was cold, lost, and afraid, afraid of what’s out here. I’ve been trudging through this weird forest for 5 days now and I’m starving. I was lucky enough to find a pond every now and then, but if I couldn’t find any civilization, then I might die.

I had no idea how I got here, it happened so unnaturally; I was sleep one moment and the next I was falling from the sky and hit my back on the rock-hard earth. I was surprised that I didn’t become a spot of blood on the floor.

And that’s why I’m here now, I’ve been trudging for days on end, hoping to find some sign of civilization here, but I was running out of luck.

Now, I normally wouldn’t be this panic because I knew some survival skills and how to fight. But that wasn’t the case, this place gave some serious creeps. The sun and moon seemed to be moving on their own, when I know that couldn’t happen. And that alone told me that this wasn’t Earth.

As I was trudging this hell, I heard wolves howl. Well shit, it couldn’t get any better than this, can it?! Calm down Kira, you know how to fight a pack of wolves, just play your cards right.

I kept telling myself that and believed it until I heard the sound of wood on the ground. Now, that wasn’t the problem, the problem was the fact that the wood sounded like it was moving, like a living animal. But what could that mean?

I got my answer when I was surrounded by the unexplainable; surrounding me were wolves, but they were completely made out of wood, and were living!!!

I barely had enough time to think when the leader, I presumed, howled loudly and one of them pounces at me. I skillfully dodge it and grab it by the waist before slamming it hard against the ground.

I heard the wind whistling and turned around to see another one trying to scratch me, but I stopped it midair with a punch to the face. It fell to the ground and I was about to punch it again when I felt something dig into my leg.

I screamed in agony and pain and turned to the culprit to see it was the first one that attacked me. Out of pure panic, I started punching the wolf to get it off me but it wouldn’t let go. Blood was profusely dripping out my leg.

It wasn’t until I finally punched it hard enough for it to let go. I didn’t waste any time and pounced on the beast and mercilessly slugged it with both my hands.

I didn’t stop until I heard another howl and prepared for what’s coming. I quickly got up with the limp wood wolf body and used it as a shield and as expected; the attacker slashed his comrade, severing many body parts. I used what was left of the disassembled wolf to smash the other one to pieces, along with the already dismembered one.

I let my guard down just a little and felt multiple claws tearing at my jacket and jeans, blood smeared the floor and I was almost on the floor.

I was seriously pissed as fucking hell, this pain in my arms and legs and chest were next to unbearable, I was starving, cold, lost, confused, and scared, but I felt anger above all. I heard a howl from the pack leader and saw it pounce on me. Something in me snapped at this moment and even through the pain in my arm, I shot it at the pack leader’s neck stopping him in his tracks and with incredible strength, I threw him at the tree.

And through my bloodied legs, I ran at him at blinding speeds and began rapidly barraging him with punches. I didn’t stop after I felt him stop moving, I didn’t stop when I felt my blood being smeared across my knuckled under my gloves, I didn’t stop at all.

I kept punching the pack leader before recoiling one last and shot my hand through his neck, killing him. I stood there, still pissed off as hell, and for some reason, still wanted to kill.

I turned to the other wolves who all had fear written all over their wooden faces. I let out a blood curdling bellow and rushed to the remaining wolves. Some of them tried to run, some of them tried to hide, some of them even tried to fight back. But I wasn’t keen on letting them live, I was a merciless killing machine.

After massacring the wolf pack, all my fatigue from the adrenaline rush caught up to me and I blacked out. Sure, I was going to die.

I woke up the next day feeling odd, feeling bare skinned, like I didn’t have my jacket or shirt on. I just ruled it out as me still feeling unconscious.

“Wake up sleepyhead.” That feminine voice was all I needed to bolt out of my sleeping state. I jumped up and frantically looked around to see that I was still alive and no more in the forest, but rather what looked like a caravan, “You’re finally up.” I heard the voice again and found the owner.

The owner of the voice was indeed female, and looked human, but I found out she was the farthest thing from; for one, she was much taller than any woman I’ve ever seen, she also had an unnaturally blue skin color.

In fact, upon further inspection, it looked like she sprouted fur, and I swear I saw a horn on her head and a tail near her butt, she also seemed to wear a classic magician attire, with the hat and cape.

I was confused by what I was seeing when the moments from last night caught up to me. I frantically felt my chest, that I knew was bare, for any of the injuries and found out that they’ve been bandaged. I turned to the woman in front of me, “What happened?” I asked with a confused tone.

She seemed to catch onto my confused tone and nodded, “I heard some Timberwolves howl and an unusual loud roar while coming down this road and when I went to investigate, I saw you surrounded by wood and in bad shape.” She explained, “I was able to tend to your wounds, although getting your clothes off was a hassle.” She added.

I nodded, “So, that’s what those things were; Timberwolves.” I clarified. I was silent until her last statement sunk in, “YOU HAD TO TAKE MY CLOTHES OFF?!?!?!?!?” I shouted.

She nodded, “It’s alright, your clothes are right there.” She pointed, “And don’t worry, I left your underwear on.” She assured.

I nodded taking my clothes and stepping out the caravan to start dressing, they were ripped and had holes in various places, it also reeked with the smell of caked blood, but I don’t have time to complain, I needed to find some answers. After I was finished I walked back into the caravan to see the woman still in the same position.

I was about to say something when she cut me off, “What are you, I haven’t seen a pony like you before, and I know that the roar I heard from last night came from you, it’s the only logical explanation since there was nothing but wood?” She asked.

I nodded, “Well, you see, I don’t know what happened, I just kind of lost it and killed them all.” I answered, “Oh and I’m a human. My name’s Kane Jester, what’s yours?” I introduced.

“My name’s Beatrix Lulamoon, but you can call me Trixie.” She introduced, “So you’re a human, that explains it.” She whispered to herself.

I raised an eyebrow, “So, where am I? Why does the sun and moon look like they’re be controlled? And what are you?” I asked the questions that came to mind first.

She sighed, “Let’s get the easiest out the way first; one, you are in the realm of Equastria ruled by 4 princesses, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence, and Princess Twilight Sparkle.” She started, “The first two are sisters and they control the sun and moon.” She continued, “They are three main pony races; the Unicorn, the Pegasus, and the Earth Pony, as you can tell I am a Unicorn, the princess area mix of Unicorns and Pegasus.” She finished her explanation.

I nodded, “Judging by how you guys’ races are all considered myth to humans, there are probably Dragons, Griffins, Cyclops, and of the like, right?” I asked. She nods, “So, where’s the next city?” I questioned.

“The next city is a small rural town, and after that is Canterlot, but it takes about a week’s worth of travel.” She directed.

Damn, a week’s worth of travel, well I could make it there if I run, “Don’t think about running there, your legs still haven’t healed completely, any type of running will put a strain on your torn muscles.” She warns me, apparently, she knew what I was thinking, “I was going there anyways, you want to come?” She offered.

I nodded, “Thanks.” I thanked her.

She nods to me and leaves to the front of the caravan and started driving to the rural village, I think.

I just sat there, thinking about one thing; my life is just going to get weirder from here on out.

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