My Music And You


1. Welcome

"Mum, pick me up please" I stutter through the phone,

"Mitaki, It'll be completely fine, come on now, you're the one that wanted this course",

"I changed my mind mum, mum please, tell Sebastian to drive me home",

Sebastian has already come home", mum sighs and tears come rushing to my eyes, "Are you, are you crying? Did something happen? Come on now, wipe those tears away, Mitaki. Breathe, you haven't even given the academy a go",

"Mum", I seethe, " I just watched a guy recite the entirety of the notes from Mozart's Symphony No. 40 treble and bass clef. I haven't even freaking listened to the whole goddamn piece",

"Mitaki. Listen. You listen closely. Your grades were good enough for you to go to Hayton Grammar but I let you go to this academy of yours because I saw what you could do. Now you stop sniffling in a corner and show everyonhe what you can do. Mum loves you",

"I love you too, Mum but..." I abruptly wipe my tears away as a black haired boy opens the door of the dorm I'm standing outside of. I put my phone away and look down, letting my blonde fringe cover my eyes. To my surprise he bends down and looks my in the eye,

"You in this dorm too, then?" he says, taking my induction day card from my hand,

"Y-yes, I'm in here, are you... in here too?" I ask, I hate my stutter. Mum says it makes me look cute. I think it makes me look stupid,

"Nope, I just came to use the shower", he throws his head back and laughs, "Kiddiiiing, yes, I'm in here too. I'm Kase. Nice to meet you... Mitaki?" He smiles warmly but I look at him, cringing,

"You heard?",

"I tried not to! Pinky promise" He entwines my little finger, "I didn't want to shut the door on you but I couldn't interrupt so I stood there for a really long time waiting but then you didnt stop and I felt bad so-",

I giggle and he stops and looks down bemused,

"Ah s-sorry, you were jus- just panicking so..." I shrug and he beckons me to follow him into the dorm.

I look around at the beige room. There were two single beds on either side of the room and an a bathroom in the middle on the back wall. Kase had already put his things on his side so I start unpacking.

This place might not be that bad?

"Need some help?" Kase offers, grinning,

"Ah, no th-thank you. I don't have much" I say quietly and finish the putting my bed sheets down.

I sit on my bed awkwardly and glance up. Kase was flicking through the school introduction book. Should I say something? I'm always so bad at conversation, there's no point. MUM!

I take my phone out of my pocket and open my new message.

Mum: See? You already made a friend! Good luck, baby boy. You'll do amazing. Call me whenever you're free. Mum loves you.

She heard! Oh god, such embarrassment. Mum'll definitely nag me about making a friend later. Kase falls back on his bed and sighs.

I put my earphones in, turn towards the wall on my bed and press play on my phone. Adele's set fire to the rain starts playing and I sing along in my head mouthing the words,

But the things you'd say they were never true, never true and the games you played...

I pause as Kase bounds onto my bed and stares at me,

"y-yes?" I ask him. My music. It was too loud. I hope he's not mad-

"Your voice. Goddamn" I blush, what is he talknig about?

"No, it's no-not, h-how would y-you know?" My stutter increases as I shy away,

"Just now. The Adele one, right?" I look at him, eyes wide,

"Did I sing out loud?" I whisper. I don't stutter when I whisper,

"Yea! Can you sing again?" He asks me,

"Um... I-I'm sorry. I ca-can't s-...." He looks at me and smiles. Chills run down my spine as he reaches for my left earphone and brushes my ear,

"Can I listen too then?",

"Y-yea, sure"

We sit, backs on the wall and listen to music whilst Kase makes small talk and I try to keep the conversation going.

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