My Music And You


4. Musical workshop (2)

Kase's Pov

I laugh and slip into the bed,

"This is just how I sleep in June, jeez, get in bed already. I love mickey mouse too". Mitaki looks down, his cheeks flush scarlet, his eyebrows furrow and he bites his lip nervously. He's so cute. I know I've fallen in love with him. To sleep in the same bed as him is like a dream come true. I don't if he feels the same way so I've never done anything or said anything in regards to that. Lost in thought, I stare at my book and realise I've been day dreaming. I glance at Mitaki's back. He's moved as far away as possible which I'm guessing means he doesn't like sleeping together or is he just conscious of me? I can never tell how he feels about me. When we were going to sleep together I wanted to come outright and confess to him. It's rather warm in here, I wonder if I should open a wind-

"Ka-kase" Mitaki groans. My eyes dart to his face. He's completely flushed, his eyes slightly closed and mouth parted. I want to kiss him so bad, I can alm-,

"K-kase... I... I want...", my eyes widen, does he feel the same way? The heat on his face increases and a bulge grows on my lower body,

"Mitaki", I whisper in his ear, leaning forward. Mitaki hisses and my hot breathe sends shivers down his spine,

"Are you sensitive around your ears?" I tease him, nibbling the top of his ear. Leaning down again, I kiss his neck,

"Ka-kase, kase, too hot" Mitaki says, his voice aroused,

I take that as an invitation and unbutton his pajama top. He slides out of it, breathing heavily and his arms fall to his side. I brush his fringe back and kiss him forehead gently. His hands fly up to his forehead when I lean back and his eyes scream confusion but then his arms wrap themselves around my neck and pulls me down,

"I-I'm..." Mitaki whispers,

I break his sentence by leaning down and gently pressed my lips onto his. All the questions that I couldn't stop thinking about before where gone. All I could feel was Mitakis' trembling arms pulling me down as much as could and his body that pressed firmly against mine as I kissed his warm lips that requited the same passion and need that I felt. He turns his head to the left and takes a sharp breathe, his face still flushed and his hands tickle my neck. Not able to wait, I tenderly pull back his hair causing his head to arch back slightly and leave a trail of kisses and soft bites on his neck. He lets out whimpers and quiet moans of excitement and wariness. His hands go back up to ruffle my hair and his legs entwine my hips, embracing me into his heat,

"K-Kase, Ka-Kase", Mitaki says weakly,

"mhmm?" I close my eyes and touch his forehead with mine,

 He takes deep breathes shakily and closes his eyes too,

"I-I'm s-sleepy, Kase",

with the lust calmed down, a wave of laziness takes over me. I chuckle and roll over with Mitaki's legs and arms still around me so he's lying on top,

"G'night Mikaa",

"Told you not to call me that" Mitaki mutters, already resting his head on my chest, "But G'night Kase"

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