My Music And You


3. Musical workshop (1)

Glance up at the clock. 5 minutes. Flick through my work. Conclusions? Check. Every question attempted? Check. Cleared all spelling errors. Check. Slowly read through everything... 'which compositional device is used?'. Crap. I don't know. Crap crap crap crap crap. Ok, deep breath. Look at the options. 'appoggiatura, sequence, suspension and tierce de picardie'. Kase went through this. But I forgot. Idiot. You never do things right. Ha, what a fail. NO. Stop. This isn't the time. Think. It can't be sequence for this piece. The melody was completely different. I don't know the last one so we'll go with the first. Ok, stop worrying now. It's done. Over,

"Students, please put down your pens. Thank you. Your last musical examination is over.", I grin and sigh. Finally.


"MITAKI, wait, seriously" Kase runs with his suitcase,

"Why, you can just catch up, we're going to the same place anyway", I don't understand why Kase wants to stick together all the time, I want to make friends with other guys and maybe meet a girl too. But Kase is my only friend right now and he's a really really good guy. As the exams are over, we have an overnight school trip to a musical workshop.

"I wanna sit together on the coach. I can't believe our first year flew by so quick and exams are over" he says, placing his arm around my shoulder,

"Yea, thanks for teaching me so much, Kase" I smile and he shakes it off,

"Let's grab the best seat on the coach" Kase quips, reaching for wrist and pulling me along to the large coach.


Today was definitely a long day. I slept on the coach trip with my earphones in, Kase lent me his shoulder and I could hear him laughing with some girls sitting in front of us as I nodded off. When we got to the residence, we got our room keys, (Kase and I share a room), and we picked up our suitcases,

"This room...", I stare in confusion at the double bed in front of me. Where was the bunk bed?

"Oh yes, Mr. Olivander told everyone that some rooms might have different bed arrangements but the class agreed that it's not a big deal". Kase smiles nonchalantly and starts unpacking his pajamas and slippers into the small drawers at the sides of the room. How is he so calm about it? I've never slept in the same bed with anyone except mum, even that was when I was a lot younger. I mean, Kase and I always end up listening to music and chatting for hours on my single bed but he goes back when the teachers call for lights out,

"You done unpacking?" Kase calls out,

"Yup, I even brought snacks, you like gummy sweets right?" I pull out the sweet packets and Kase grins,

"I managed to sneak crisps in too, we have a lot of time before dinner, what should we do?",

"We had lunch at school so I'm not really hungry, I think I might just go to sleep" I yawn and fall back onto the cream coloured, soft quilt,

"Dinner's not mandatory so that's fine, we'll call it a day, I'll turn the lights off, get changed into your pajamas" Kase walks over to the light switch, ruffling his black hair back,

"W-wait, can't we change in the common bathroom?" I ask nervously. The rooms didn't have an en suite like our dorms,

"All the guys change in one big space and I figured this was better" Kase shrugs, switches off the lights and takes out his pajama,

"O-okay" If Kase doesn't make a big deal, then I'll go with it. Mum packed my suitcase from home and she packed long sleeved pajamas which is just as well because I'll be sleeping with Kase. I stop shocked and shake my head. What am I thinking? Stupid,

"It's been a pretty long day, right?" Kase says, stretching his arms in the air,

"Kase! Why are you in your boxers?" I can feel my cheeks go red, as Kase simply laughs making his dimples visible whilst he slips between the sheets,

"This is just how I sleep in June, jeez, get in bed already. I love mickey mouse too" he tugs the hem of my top and I blush furiously and groan, looking down at the mickey mouse pajamas mum packed


It's awkward. It's definitely awkward. Kase hasn't said a word so I just put my earphones in and am lying as far to the edge of the bed as possible. He's reading and I keep feeling as though I'm too close. I was so tired before but I can't get to sleep. It's so warm too, I'm sweating with these long sleeves but I'm trying not to move. My face feels so red from the heat. What was mum thinking, packing these thick, long sleeves. I pause the music and I realise I'm breathing heavy. I'm not ill but now I get why Kase was wearing just his boxers. I should just ask Kase if I can turn the air con on but I don't want to disturb him. Sweat trickles down my nose. Ok, that's it, I can't keep quiet anymore. I roll around,


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