My Music And You


2. Mitakis

"Shit, Mitaki, we're going to be late, hurry up",

"Kase, I'm almost done, you can go if you want", I reply packing the rest of my books away,

"It's ok, I'll wait, need some help?", he reaches for my homework and slips it between the folder,

"Let's go!" I say, shoving my backpack onto my shoulders.


The academy is everything I've every dreamt it to be and more. Obviously, the work is hard and I don't know the musical terms for anything but I'm learning and, according to the teacher, my performance just about makes up for my theory. There's so much work I'm given in order to catch up but it's ok because Kase is always helping me but I haven't made any other friends,

"You don't even need any friends - you have me" Kase keeps saying but I'm not sure.


The academy has 100 students in total which is five times less that my previous school but I still bump into other students around the hallway and even though I don't mean to be rude, I feel like I'm leaving a great impression on anyone.

I just finished my vocal lessons and I'm improving definitely. A pair of girls stand in the corridor to the canteen and smile at me as I walk down,

"Hey, what's your name?" one of them asks,

"M-mitaki, yours?" I ask trying not to stammer,

"Oh! My name's Scarlet and this is my friend, Mitaki!",

I look up at her, she grins and holds out her hand,

"Same name buddies! Actually, there are two other girls called Mitaki too!",

"N-no way. Awe-awesome!" I say and they look at me for a second,

"Do you have a stutter?" Scarlet asks gently,

"Y-yes, sor-sorry" I say quickly,

"Don't apologise! Actually, we're sorry if we offended you..." Mitaki, (not me) says,

"It makes you absolutely adorable and besides... your hair! It looks so soft", she reaches out and ruffles my hair,

"Tha-thanks, wh-what lesson do you have-",

"We have a free next, let's go", Kase suddenly interrupts and jerks my arm towards our dorm building,

"Oh! We were talking too long, see you guys", Scarlet and Mitaki(not me) wave and walk away while Kase carries on tugging my arm,

"Kase, stop, I can't walk as fast as you", I look up at Kase, I can't see his face, but his lips are pulled taut. He's normally so friendly, I don't understand... I keep calling his name as we walk outside but he only tightens his grip,

"Ow", I wince and Kase immediately stops and turns around,

"Sorry, sorry... I.... I just wanted to get you out of there", he says, is he... confused?

"Oh, yea, it was a little awkward but I made friends with the two girls, one of them even has the same name as me"  I describe, trying to change the subject,

"I wouldn't call them friends... You just met them" he nudges me, his smile coming back, "What if someone tries to take advantage of you",

"oh pleaaase. I'm the same age as you, I can make my own friends and be independent" I poke him in the side,

"You're younger by months and do I have to remind you that you almost set the toaster on fire last week?", he pokes me back,

"Hyaa! No more poking and don't remind me jeez" we laugh and the tension from before disappears. 

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