Chaos has arisen after the monsters left the UNDERGROUND. Ember(Soriel) and her friends(my other ships) must help Frisk stop an upcoming war with the humans.

Will they succeed or will they have to go to war??


1. Just a Normal Day

   I walk about the house, looking for something to do. My father, Sans, is in the living room, eating ketchup. I smirk and walk off into the kitchen. My Mom, Toriel, is making a snail pie. I lick my lips and teleport toward her. But when I teleport, there is a 50% chance that it backfires, and that's exactly what it did. It backfired and instead of teleporting toward the pie, i was teleported outside.....on a mountain......IN CANADA. I live in Oklahoma and I've never teleported so far away before.

  OH!!! I'M SO RUDE. I have not introduced myself. I am Ember.Princess Ember to be exact. I have 3 eyes. Yes, 3. I live in Oklahoma with my mom, formal Queen Toriel, and my dad Sans, a punny joke-telling skeleton. I have white fur like my mother but white-pupil eyes like my dad. When I'm mad, my eyes go PITCH black and my third eye glows green. My favorite color is green. I LOVE watching Aphmau. I have hair, its black. I hate wearing shoes since my paws don't even fit in shoes. Like my dad, I have a jacket I NEVER take off unless I'm taking a bath, having it washed, but I NEVER let it out my sight. Like my mom, I love to bake,cook, and anything involving the kitchen. My abilities are: teleportation, summon Gaster Blasters, super jump, summon vines, and i take no fall damage. I have 110 HP and 20 AT.

   Where was I.....OH yes, the mountain. So I'm trying to find a way down when it hits me. I can just jump off this thing. I try to stop my shivering and position myself so I can lift myself off the edge. I ready my paws and kick off, spring shot into the air.





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