Lily is one of many white girls performing in a ballet recital at her school. She is also though the only girl in the school friends with a black girl, inkululeko, meaning freedom. But Lily is not free from her mind and the thoughts she thinks. Not history accurate, just a fiction story. Warning, character comets suicide.


7. Inkululeko entery

January 3, 1882

​Sorry.  Thanks a lot.  I want to write one last thing in this before it is put away.  I forgive you.  I forgive you for not having strength.  You could not stand up to my hell of a life just because of my skin.  I get that.  There was no one you could turn to.  The asylum is for insane people who murder.  Maybe someday you could have been able to talk to people.  I wish that you are looking down on the world and you see it change.  Change so people could help you and accept me.  I forgive you.




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