Lily is one of many white girls performing in a ballet recital at her school. She is also though the only girl in the school friends with a black girl, inkululeko, meaning freedom. But Lily is not free from her mind and the thoughts she thinks. Not history accurate, just a fiction story. Warning, character comets suicide.


1. How I met Inkululeko


​December 3, 1881

​I don't want to write in this diary.  There is no point, after all what in my life could be so important that I would want to write it down?  Well since I have to do this I might as well write about the time I met Freedom.  Actually she is a black kid named inkululeko but that's what she says her name means.  I was a six year old walking down the street from the lunch counter my mother sometimes let me go to after school.  I still remember the smells.  Tender, rich, juicy meat, and sweet, warm, chocolate chip cookies.  inkululeko was also young at the time.  She did not know that she was not allowed at the counter.  When she sat next to me the people at the counter gasped.  I stared at their wide eyes wonder what was going on.  Then before I could order my cookies a man came out of the kittson.  He was big, and had a bright red face.  He was also holding in one hand a belt and the other was holding his pants up.  The other people went back to their food like this was normal but I had a bubbly feeling inside me.  He was so funny without a belt.

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