Lily is one of many white girls performing in a ballet recital at her school. She is also though the only girl in the school friends with a black girl, inkululeko, meaning freedom. But Lily is not free from her mind and the thoughts she thinks. Not history accurate, just a fiction story. Warning, character comets suicide.


2. How I met Inkululeko part 2


​December 4, 1881

​I had to stop writing.  But now I will tell what the man did to her.  He came out with the belt and lashed the buckle at her so fast you could not blink and see it.  Where the buckle had struck inkululeko there was a trail of blood running down it.  I froze.  How?  That was probably what was running through my six year old mind.  inkululeko got up and ran.  I wondered how people could be so mean.  So I glared at the man and ran after her.  On the way to her a man grabbed my arm.  My heart was rapped.  He pulled me close and I smelt roast beef on his breath.  He whispered to me, "black people have a illness, it is of their sins blackening their skin, do you understand?  I kicked him between the legs like Dad had told me to do if this happened.  He let go and I ran after inkululeko.

​When I caught up with her she was sitting in a ally corner shaking.  I held my hand out to her.  She shrank back.  I still can't get the image of the belt wound out of my head.  It was beat red in the center with blood still flowing down her arm.  The outside was purple with blue specs on the outside.  I looked into inkululeko eye's.  They pleaded to me at the time.  I walked away from her and right into the drug store.  With the money for my snack I purchased some salve.  Then when I got back to the ally, inkululeko saw me and jumped to her feet.  I held the container out to her.  Her legs shook as she walked forward and took it from me.  We stood there evaluating each other.  Without warring she tensed and bolted with the container.  I turned around and saw a officer behind me.  He had taken me home and, my Dad had yelled about how blacks are bad for an hour.

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