Lily is one of many white girls performing in a ballet recital at her school. She is also though the only girl in the school friends with a black girl, inkululeko, meaning freedom. But Lily is not free from her mind and the thoughts she thinks. Not history accurate, just a fiction story. Warning, character comets suicide.


5. Brake up

December 7, 1881

My boy friend walked up to me.  I was with Inkululeko​, and working on math with tea cakes in front of us.  Inkululeko​ was eating most of them.  I was so sore and sleep deprived from crying last night that I could not be hungry.  I expected him to walk up and kiss me.  I think I need to leave you.  The room started to spin. 

"Goodbye," he told me.  Then he left with no warning.

Inkululeko​ had asked if I was okay and I had laughed her off as well that relationship was a waste of time.  She was worried still, I could see it in her expression.  I could not pay attention to my math anymore afterward.  Inkululeko​ had walked me to my bed. A rush of motivation is the olny way I am writing this, now I am going to try to sleep.

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