Khloe Victoria Louis Styles is Harry styles little sister who becomes a popstar like her brother but what happens when she falls for Niall Horan ..is it a happily ever after?or will it all go down in vain


5. Chapter 4

The ride to moms house was anything but quiet Harry told me everything about his tour and how it was going he even told me that on the next tour for midnight memories will be very soon since most of the songs have been recorded,he also said that a band from Australia will be joining the tour for the album

After all that he asked how my new album was doing ,and yes I do have a record deal Simon Cowell gave it to me last time he was here ,I have been writing the songs for the new album but I'll tell you about that later.

We pulled up to the drive way of the house that my mom owns and there waiting for us were faces I had not seen in a while my mother Anne,Gemma Liam,Louis,Zayn and finally the cute Irish lad niall.

I stepped out of the car slowly as my stomach was still hurting as soon as i did Louis came and pulled me into a gut wrenching hug I winced at the pain,

Louis and I pulled apart and Louis gave me the "spill it" look so I told him that I was sore from working out ,He actually believed it after that each of the boys gave me individual hugs.after that I practically ran into my mothers arms we only pulled apart when we heard a 'snap' we looked around and realized that Gemma had taken a picture of us

I turned around and pulled Gemma into a gut wrenching hug,then Harry piped up why are we standing outside,inside we go............my secret is safe,...for now

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