Khloe Victoria Louis Styles is Harry styles little sister who becomes a popstar like her brother but what happens when she falls for Niall Horan ..is it a happily ever after?or will it all go down in vain


4. Chapter 3

I carefully picked out the outfit off meeting my brother and the lads which was an oversized sweater in beige with some ripped black skinny jeans.

Then I did my usual makeup I winged my eyeliner and did my eyebrows and then put on some foundation and then I put some mascara and topped it off with some light pink lipstick.

My hair is very similar to Harry's hair it is dark brown and curly.the tips were dyed blonde and I straightened my hair by that time it was 3:30 so I went downstairs and grabbed a little snack before pulling my black converse on ,then I texted my brother

Me:Yo Harold I'm ready

He replied almost instantly

Harry:ok I'm going to pick u up

In 10 minutes there was a car honk outside my door ,I rushed to my brothers car and climbed in and we rode off to moms house where we all were meeting up.

A/N I know it is a short chapter but I promise you something big will happen in the next few chapters,what do you reckon will happen,since I have not updated in a while I will try and give you DOUBLE UPDATE

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