Khloe Victoria Louis Styles is Harry styles little sister who becomes a popstar like her brother but what happens when she falls for Niall Horan ..is it a happily ever after?or will it all go down in vain


3. Chapter 2

I finally got up and ran to the bathroom to clean up the cut on my stomach,since I knew first aid it was very easy once that was done I put on my pjs and got into bed hoping that Ray would stay out all night but either way I'm going to get hurt

{Time skip to next week}

I was in Madame Paxton class when the school bitch Caroline started bashing on me about how my brother and his friends are high school dropouts and that pissed me off "atleast he is more successful and about my family bring stupid,they are not well as for me I might be cause I can't seem to count the amount of fucks I give about what you think about me or my brother so bye bye"

Caroline grabbed me by my hair and whispered to me"you are gonna regret that bitch" and pushed me against the table to my amazing luck the table hit the cut on my stomach I cried out in pain and Caroline just sneered and her minions laughed.

At that moment my best friend Cheryl came in to the classroom.her eyes widened and she gasped and came to help me and took me to the nurse I was too weak to fight against her lifting my shirt to check what was wrong and when she saw the bruise she also gasped and I made done lie about falling from a tree which she actually believed

Because of the pain I was in I was sent hone early and I walked in the house certain that Ray would not be home I had to meet Harry and the rest of the lads around 4:00 so I rushed inside and hurried to my bedroom , I got in and locked the door before taking my clothes off then I turned the bathtub faucet on to fill the bathtub while I cleaned the cut

Due to Caroline the cut had started bleeding again,so I carefully removed the bandages and used sone antibacterial to clean the wound after that I got in the bath I used my vanilla body scrub and scrubbed my body with it,after that I shaved both my legs and then I got out and checked my body in the mirror to see if there were any bruises that I needed to cover up to my luck there were none.

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