Khloe Victoria Louis Styles is Harry styles little sister who becomes a popstar like her brother but what happens when she falls for Niall Horan ..is it a happily ever after?or will it all go down in vain


2. Chapter 1

I clutched onto my paining stomach,the huge cut on it had yet not stopped bleeding.i moved slightly and the pain shot through my entire body I whimper of pain left my mouth as I tried to sit up

After many attempts I gave up and literally broke down.i knew I had to be strong but how can you when you are in the situation I am in my "loving" boyfriend Ray Miller was abusive to me and to him I owe the gratitude of the pain I am in ,and the multiple number of bruises covering my petite figure.

I just laid there on the ground thinking about the person I was before Ray came into my life I was not much happy I thought as I stared at all the cuts on my wrists my mother Anne sister Gemma and my twin brother Harry all thought I was happy little of they know that I am suicidal and depressed ,though Harry knows I "used" to cut,I mean I can't just keep making him worry about me so all he knows is that I stopped cutting and am happy living with my boyfriend ,along with all that the bitches at school did not make it easier

My brother is currently on the Up all night tour with his band mates from One Direction whom I had met before I really enjoyed their company,it has currently been 5 months since I had seen my brother and I miss him loads but he will come back next week and I wonder if I can keep this a secret and not worry him

I stayed on the floor for a long time thinking why I am trapped in this hell of mine

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