Khloe Victoria Louis Styles is Harry styles little sister who becomes a popstar like her brother but what happens when she falls for Niall Horan ..is it a happily ever after?or will it all go down in vain


1. A/N

AUTHORS NOTE PLEASE READ :This is my first fanfiction so it might not be very good but if you want to please keep reading on I bet you will love it ,now that that is down I will introduce the main character khloe she will also become famous as Simon Cowell gives her a record deal so khloe is Harry styles UN identical twin sister,Harry is five minutes older than her and is often very protective of her ,Harry and her have a very good relationship.

This fanfic will include 5SOS and little mix and some other awesome celebs and some songs from other artists will be named hers like into you by Ariana grande

Warning this has swear words and some might get triggered by it as it contains depression and self harm and some sexual content

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