The Return of Sonic Generations | Moon Quartz's Version

Ever wondered what it would be like if Little Sonic returned to Modern Sonic's world?
Well, here is the story of The Return of Sonic Generations.

*I have been planing this for a while. I'm not the best book writer, but I will try. I bet some others have made this story, but I want to see if I can make up my own story of them. I am one of those fans that cant get enough of Little Sonic. I mean, how can you not love him!*


3. Reunited Friendship | The Short Awaking

The sun is shining through the clouds on a midday afternoon at Sonic's House. Sonic and Tails are siting near Little Sonic who is laying on the sofa.

Tails is tapping Little Sonic's head with a wet rag, while Sonic is watching his little self taking slow deep breaths. Tails backs up in his chair and looks at Sonic for a minute, and sees that Sonic looks very worried. Tails puts his hand on Sonic's shoulder and wonders whats wrong. Sonic looks at Tails for a second then looks back at Little Sonic.

"Its going to be okay Sonic. He is going to be alright. We found him before Eggman did. He will be alright.", Tails says telling Sonic to not be worried. Tails looks back at Little Sonic and continues tapping the wet rag on Little Sonic head.

Sonic continues watching Little Sonic, and starts thinking of what happen and how he got here. Sonic gets up off his chair and sits on the sofa next to Little Sonic. Sonic picks up his hand and puts it on Little Sonic's chest while Tails keeps tapping the rag on him.

Minutes later, Little Sonic started to move around a little and surprises Sonic. Little Sonic starts to squint his eyes and crunch his fist. Little Sonic slowly starts to open his eyes and see's the ceiling. But everything was still a blur. He looks at his chest and sees something white, so he moves his hand toward it and grabs it. He looks up and see's something blue and blurry, and hears it talking to him.

"Its okay, its me. Its Sonic, don't be afraid.", Sonic telling Little Sonic that everything is okay. Sonic looks at his hand and feels that Little Sonic is holding it hard.

Little Sonic looks to the right and see's Tails holding a rag on his forehead. Little Sonic looks back down at Sonic's hand and tries to sit up. He sits up with his other hand on his head and looks down in pain.

"You took quite a hit back there. But your going to be okay.", Tails says to Little Sonic.

Little Sonic looks at Tails and smiles a little then puts his legs down off the sofa. Sonic takes his hand and puts it on Little Sonic's shoulder. Then he sees something on Little Sonic's back and gets confused. He moves his hand toward it and touches it. It zaps his hand and Little Sonic, then Little Sonic falls to the ground on his hands and knees.

Sonic quickly says hes sorry, and helps Little Sonic stand up. Little Sonic gets up and backs away from Sonic while being afraid. Tails walks up and bends down near Little Sonic and he starts backing up more, thinking he is going to get zapped again.

"Its okay, I just would like to see whats on your back. I'm not going to touch it.", Tails tells Little Sonic to not be afraid. Little Sonic stops backing up, comes closer to Tails, and turns around. Tails sees the chip and wonders how it got there. Tails tells Sonic of why he got zapped, and starts to think.

"Do you think you can take it off of him? Maybe you have something at your workshop that might help.", Sonic says trying to help. Tails agrees and they both walk to the door.

Little Sonic tries to walk to the door, but starts having a hard time walking. Sonic turns around and see's him limping. Sonic walks to him and asks him something. Little Sonic looks up at him and nods. So, Sonic picks up Little Sonic and gives him a piggy back ride on his shoulders then they all walk to the workshop.

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