The Return of Sonic Generations | Moon Quartz's Version

Ever wondered what it would be like if Little Sonic returned to Modern Sonic's world?
Well, here is the story of The Return of Sonic Generations.

*I have been planing this for a while. I'm not the best book writer, but I will try. I bet some others have made this story, but I want to see if I can make up my own story of them. I am one of those fans that cant get enough of Little Sonic. I mean, how can you not love him!*


4. Reunited Friendship | Part 2

Later that afternoon at Tails's workshop, Sonic is trying to figure out how Little Sonic got to their world while Tails is examining the chip behind Little Sonic.

Little Sonic keeps blinking trying to make the blur clear up. Sonic stops thinking and watches Little Sonic cover his eyes for a few seconds and opens them trying to get the blur to stop. So Sonic puts his hand on Little Sonic shoulders and asks whats wrong. Little Sonic looks up at him and points at his eyes then rubs them meaning he cant see. Sonic moves a little closer to Little Sonic thinking he could see him better. Sonic asks if he can still see him, but Little Sonic shakes his head meaning no.

Tails gets one of his tools and gently touches the chip, and a piece of the edge falls off. It surprises him and he tries to get the rest off. One by one, the edges slowly started to come off, except one blinking red round piece that was in the middle of the chip. Tails tells the two Sonic's that he almost got it off, but once he touched the round part, Tails and Little Sonic gets zapped.

Little Sonic quickly overs his eyes and bends down. Tails says hes sorry and examines the round piece of the chip. "I got most of it off, its just the red round part that is shocking you. Maybe I can get something that might pull it off." , Tails says while taking one of his machines on the wall.

"This might shock you a little bit, but I bet the chip will come right off. Sonic, you might want to hold him still." Tails telling both Sonic's. Little Sonic gets worried and both Sonic's look at each other.

Sonic stands in front of Little Sonic and bends down on one knee, then holds on to Little Sonic's arms telling him to not be afraid. Little Sonic looks at blurry Sonic and looks down. Tails gets the machine and aims it at the chip. Tails's machine sends a little bolt to the chip then stops.

The chip shocks Little Sonic a little bit, but not as much as before. So, Tails sends a slightly bigger bolt and the chip slowly starts to let go of Little Sonic's back. Slowly and slowly the chip starts to let go, but then immediately just stays put in that one spot and just sits there.

Tails looks at it confused, and gets a closer look at it. On the other side of the round piece, there is a needle that is holding it in place in Little Sonic's back. Tails tells the Sonic's and tries to pull it out, but it starts to zap Little Sonic hard and Little Sonic panics. Little Sonic holds on to Sonic's arms tightly while Tails is trying to pull it out.

Once Tails got it out, it sends a Big Electric Shock on them and they all fall to the ground.


Half hour later, Little Sonic starts to get up with his hand on his head. He looks around and see's that everything isn't a blur anymore. Sonic and Tails starts to wake up, and they both try to sit up. Sonic looks at Little Sonic with his hand on his head and asks if Little Sonic is okay. Little Sonic looks up at Sonic and smiles.

Tails starts to get out of being unconscious and looks down at his hand which is holding the chip. Sonic and Little Sonic looks at Tails who is holding up the chip in front of them saying, "No need to worry, the chip is off now. It wont hurt you anymore Little Sonic.".

Little Sonic turns around and looks back at Sonic and Sonic looks at him. Sonic gives a thumps up and Little Sonic makes a big smile. Tails looks down at the chip and starts saying that he will keep it safe and out of harm. Everyone stands up and Tails puts the chip on the table.


All three of them start walking out of Tails's workshop talking about how glad they are to see Little Sonic again. But then Tails questions where Little Tails might be. Little Sonic gets surprised and looks around to see is he see's Little Tails. Little Sonic explains in a way that the last time he saw him was before he got sucked into a portal.

"If he isn't here, he might of not got sucked in too. He might just be safe at his workshop.", Sonic tells Little Sonic. Little Sonic nods and follows Sonic and Tails out the workshop doors.

Tails stops and thinks, "Sense Little Sonic is here, we might as well take care of him until we find out how to bring him home. And also make sure that the chip wont get loose." . Sonic agrees and asks Little Sonic if he wants to go on a run with him. Little Sonic gets a surprised look and happily nods yes.

Later on that day, Little Sonic is starting to feel better and energized.

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