The Return of Sonic Generations | Moon Quartz's Version

Ever wondered what it would be like if Little Sonic returned to Modern Sonic's world?
Well, here is the story of The Return of Sonic Generations.

*I have been planing this for a while. I'm not the best book writer, but I will try. I bet some others have made this story, but I want to see if I can make up my own story of them. I am one of those fans that cant get enough of Little Sonic. I mean, how can you not love him!*


1. Just another night in Sonic's World | Little Talk

The sun starts to set. Tails is working in his workshop, and Sonic is laying under a tree watching the sun.

Tails come out of his workshop taping his forehead with a rag. Tails walks to Sonic under the tree and sits on the side of him. They both start watching the stars appearing in the darken blue sky.

Sonic closes his eyes and makes a big sigh. Then he starts talking about how things were going after the battle agents the Deadly Six. Then starts talking about how fun it was fighting them.

Tails looks at Sonic when he was talking and looks back at the stars. But then he looks down and wonders about something. Sonic looks at him and asks, " You okay, whats wrong?".

Tails looks up at him, " I just keep thinking about what would happen if you didn't save me. If I was a robot forever...".

Sonic puts his hand on Tails's shoulder and says, " Hey, its okay. You out smarted them when they caught you. If I was the one captured, you wouldn't have been the one turning into a robot. I'm real sorry, I didn't mean for that to happen.". Sonic looks down mad at himself.

Tails looks at him, " Its okay Sonic. I am glad you stopped the Deadly Six! Our world is back because of us. We did it together."

"Yeah, we did it together. That's what palls do!" ,Sonic says with a thumps up.

The Moon starts to rise behind Tails's Workshop. Sonic and Tails continues watching the stars sparkle in the sky. The night sky starts forming northern lights from pink to light blue. They both watch it, amazed and happy.

Tails looks down and giggles a little. Sonic looks at him confused.

"Do you remember meeting our little self's Sonic?", Tails asks Sonic.

"Of coarse I do, how could I forget. That adventure was pretty fun. Whats on your mind?", Sonic wonders.

"I just wonder how they are doing few days after they left our world. Like who they would meet next. And what their next adventure is.", says Tails while thinking.

Sonic looks up and thinks, "Yeah, I kind of wonder too. Maybe they will meet knuckles and Amy. And maybe fight Metal Sonic. That was fun the first go around."

Tails looks at Sonic, "I bet so. I hope they are doing okay. I wonder if they will ever come back to see us. That would be cool."

Sonic look at Tails and says, "Yeah that would be cool. We could show them around our world, and maybe go on a run around the city.".

They stopped talking and starting to watch the stars again. But suddenly, the northern lights started to sink to the ground far away from them. When it it the ground, a big gleam of light burst, shocking Sonic and Tails.

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