The Return of Sonic Generations | Moon Quartz's Version

Ever wondered what it would be like if Little Sonic returned to Modern Sonic's world?
Well, here is the story of The Return of Sonic Generations.

*I have been planing this for a while. I'm not the best book writer, but I will try. I bet some others have made this story, but I want to see if I can make up my own story of them. I am one of those fans that cant get enough of Little Sonic. I mean, how can you not love him!*


2. Another day in Little Sonic's World | The Beginning of The Return

Just another morning victory agents the Evil Dr. Robotnik. Robotnik takes of flying into the sky and flees from the battle. "This isn't over yet! I will get rid of you Once And For All! You will see!!", Says Robotnik while fleeing.

Little Sonic stands near the pile of metal kicking the remains of the Big Robot Machine taunting him. Little Tails flies over and congratulates Sonic. Little Sonic gives a big thumps up, and they both head back to Tails's workshop. So Sonic jumps down and follows Tails.

They both get on Little Tails's plane and heads home. On the way there, Little Sonic constantly scratches his back. Tails looks at him a little when he scratches, but goes back on focusing on flying.

They get home and Little Tails lands the air plane near his workshop. Little Sonic jumps off and walks inside. Little Tails looks at him and sees he is scratching his back again, but sees nothing on him. Tails starts to think its nothing, comes down off his plane and walks inside too.


Later that afternoon, Little Sonic is sleeping under a white flower tree and Little Tails is working on the X-Tornado.

Little Tails turns to look at Sonic and sees he keeps scratching himself in his sleep. Tails comes over, bends down near Sonic and examines him. Some how it wakes up Sonic and he looks at Tails. He gets a confused look at Tails, but gets a annoyed look and scratches his back.

Little Tails tells Little Sonic to turn around. Sonic looks and him and turns to the right. Tails looks around and finds a little chip on Sonic's back and says, "Oh, there is a little chip on your back Sonic. That's why your itching."

Little Tails tries to take it off, but it shocks his hand. Tails gets confused and tries again, but it gives a bigger shock, and shocks Sonic as well. Tails gets one of his tools and tries to take it off, but keeps shocking himself and Sonic. Little Sonic stops Little Tails because the zaps are hurting him. Little Tails stops for a minute and thinks.

Later that day, Tails tries to take off the chip without hurting Sonic.


It starts to become midnight and the little chip is still on Sonic's back.

Little Sonic is fast asleep laying down on the grass and Little Tails is half awake with a scanner in his hand trying to find out what the chip is. His scanner keeps saying that there is nothing wrong with the chip, but Tails thinks otherwise. Tails starts to get tired, puts down his scanner, and yawns. Then he lays down near Sonic and falls asleep.

Few minutes later, the chip starts beeping. The beeping starts to wake up Little Sonic. He sits up and sees Tails sleeping with his scanner on the side of him. The chip continues beeping and gets Sonic's attention. Little Sonic gets confused and reaches his back.

His reaches the chip and some how pushes a button on it. It electrocutes him hard and he falls to the ground. When he fell, the chip clinched onto his back a little more.

Little Sonic lays on the ground for a few minutes and gets back up on his knees. Then something starts dragging him on the grass. Little Sonic gets surprised and looks behind him, and sees he is getting sucked into a dark and purple portal in the ground far from the workshop. He gets up and starts running!

The sound of Sonic getting sucked into the portal wakes up Tails. He looks forward and see's Sonic trying hard to run to a tree, trying to grab it so he wont get sucked in. Tails gets shocked and runs in his workshop to get a long rope to pull Sonic out!

The longer Little Sonic ran, the chip kept making the portal bigger. The portal keeps sucking in Sonic more and more, but Little Sonic wont give up. Little Tails comes out with a rope and throws it to Sonic. Sonic tries to grab it, but right before get got the chance to, he gets electrocuted hard and falls to the ground.

He tries to get up as fast as he can and starts running again, but when he finally got up, some of Tails's tools from the workshop starting getting sucked in. One of the tools hits Little Sonic on the head then knocks him out then the portal starts pulling Sonic in. Tails tries to get Sonic out of there, but the portal makes a Big Explosion and knocks Tails far back.

When the portal sucked Sonic in, the portal started to shrink into the ground. Few minutes later, the portal disappears and Little Tails is lays near his plane hurt by the explosion then slowly starts to black out.


Little Sonic starts to squint his eyes trying to wake up. He opens his eyes a little and everything is a big blur. He tries to stand up, but starts to shake in pain, and then falls back down. The chip is badly damaged, but its still shocking Little Sonic every few seconds. He tries to get up again but keeps falling back down.

Little Sonic gives up then he just lays on the ground hurt and closes his eyes. But then, he starts hearing something from far away. The voice, it sounded so familiar. The person starts calling out for someone to come help.

Little Sonic tries to looks up with his eyes barely open and watch's two people running to him. Little Sonic tries to lift up one of his hands, but his hand drops and he blacks out. The two people pick him up, and carries them to a safe place.

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