Just some random poems of mine.


4. Where do broken hearts go?


I trusted you. 
I put all my faith in you.
I gave you my heart.

And what did you do? 

You broke me.
You made me cry.
You lost me. 


How can I move on from this? 
How can I be happy again? 
How can I go back to normal? 

And you..

You just moved on.
You pretended nothing happened. 
You moved on. 

I know..

I know I’m going to be happy again.
I know that I’ll be fine.
I know that this isn’t over yet.

Because you are broken too...

You are broken because of her. 
You got hurt too. 
You wish to move on too.

But not from me..
I was a distraction.
And maybe a easy one. 
You knew I liked you. 
And you thought I was cute.
So you probably thought, 
Why not?

I forgive you. 
Because I believe in.
I still see the good in you.
And I will always wish you the best.

So where does broken hearts go? 
What do we do to distract our broken heart?
Will the pattern continue, 
Or will it fail? 

Will I hurt someone?
Will I break them apart?
Like you did to me? 
I guess only time will tell.

I sure hope not. 
Because what you did was cruel.
It was horrible. 
And I wish no one, not even you,
To ever feel that way.

You broke my heart, J. 
But yours were broken first.

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