Just some random poems of mine.


2. Sad, Lost and Tired.

Sad, that's what I were
Lost in an ocean full of depression 
All I needed was an escaption 
But no one was there to help
So I only had myself

Lost, that's what I were
Couldn't be saved
And I couldn't escape
Friends have left me
“Just let her be”

Tired, that's what I were
Tired of hoping
Everyone thought I was joking
When I said “I have had enough”
And it was nothing we could discuss

Crying, that's what I did
Every night and day
My whole world was grey 
I think it's time to say goodbye 
Maybe it's time for me to die

Sad, lost and tired, that's what I was
Crying every night and day, that's what I did
People thought I was joking,
I guess the news for them will be shocking
The day I'll jump from the top of the building

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