The Moon Child

A girl wakes up, to only found out that she's at a slave market with no memory of herself, not even her name. Every night she dreams about her past, not knowing that her past can only lead her to a horrible fate.


1. Chapter 1


   “Hurry, let’s go.” Warned a voice.

    Wait, where are we going?

   “We don’t have much time.”


   “Oh no, they’re already here.”

    Who? And then we begin to run.

   As we were running, I realized that it was a woman who was grabbing hold of my hand. Her hair was long and silver like the moon. Although her hair was covering her face, I could still see tears running down her cheek. Suddenly…


   She fell to the ground. I reach my hand out to the woman, who was lying down on the floor yelling at me to run. However, as I reach out for her, she begins to disappear. Then a light shines on my face. It was getting brighter and I couldn’t see the woman anymore. I realized that I was dreaming and woke up from it. I slowly open my eyes and found myself locked in a cage. I push myself up to sit. As I look around, there were other children who were also caged like me. There was probably about 10 of us. We were in a small storage room. It was dark with little light shining through the wall. Then a light shines on my face again. I realized that someone was shining their mirror light at my face.

   “She’s up.” Said one of them. I couldn’t tell who said it.

   “Where am I?” I asked calmly.

   “You don’t know where you are?” Whispered the boy caged next me. I couldn’t see his face clearly, but I do know that he had blond hair and golden eyes. He was also chained up, unlike me.

    “No. I don’t know.” I replied.

    “This is the slave market.”

    “Slave Market?”

    “Yeah, it’s a place where slaves are exhibited and sold to others. It’s a terrible place to be in. How did you end up here?”

    “I don’t know. I….”

    “Those bastard slave hunters! They probably kidnapped you like the rest of us.” He shouted.

    “Slave hunter?”

    “Slave hunter are bad people who kidnap children, people, and creatures and sell them to rich people. By the way, my name is Sho. What’s your name?”

   “Name? I don’t know. I don’t remember anything.”

   “You don’t? Not even your name?”

   “No. Nothing. I… I…” I mumbled. Suddenly we heard sounds of footsteps and chatting.

   “They’re coming.” Said one of the other children.

   “Who?” I asked. The sound was getting close.

   “The slave hunters!” They all shouted.

   The door slammed open. Everyone was silence. Two big men came walking through the door. One of the men was chubby and has a beard. He was wearing a brown v-shirt and blue trouser. The other man was skinnier. He was wearing a white v-shirt and blue trouser. The both of them were looking around and examining each caged children. They finally stopped at my cage.

   “So, you’re the new kid. Where did you found her at?” Asked the chubby man.

   “Oh, we found her when we pass through the north forest. She was just lying there unconscious.” The skinny one explained.

   The chubby man reaches to my cage and grabs me by my hair to examine me closely. “White hair. Blue eyes. You’re rare. Probably be sell for a high price.” He claimed. I then grab his hand and bite him. The minute he let go of me, I move my head away and back away toward the cage bar. All the kids look at me in shock.

   “God, dammit!”

   “Joe, are you ok?”

   “Do I look ok? I’m bleeding. That little...”

   “Oh no, what do we do?”

   “She needs some discipline.”  

   “What should we do with her?”

   “Don’t feed her for 3 days. I will deal with her later.” Joe yelled as he stumbles away and left the room.

   “You hear that? No food for you tonight.” The skinny pointed out as he follows Joe and closed the door.

   As soon as we couldn’t hear the sound of their footsteps, Sho expressed excitedly “I can’t believe you did that.”

   “You said that slave hunters are bad people, so I…”

   “I did, but I never suspect you to do something.”

   “Other than Sho, you’re the second person to go up against those slave hunters.” Proclaimed the girl whose cage was in front of me. Her hair was black with a short bob. She has big purple eyes and small pink lip. I later found out that her name was Risa.

   “Yeah, and look what happen to me. I’m chain up.” Laughed Sho, along with everyone else. I laughed a bit myself too. We all chatter until dinner. As suspected, I didn’t get anything to eat. After the two men who brought the food left, Sho handed me his bread.

   “Eat.” He demanded.

   “I can’t, that’s your dinner.”

   “I’m still full from this morning. You, of course, didn’t eat anything at all. Not even this morning.” Sho pointed out.

   Then my stomach started to growl.

   “Here.” He reaches out to my cage.

   “Thanks.” I said and took a bite of the bread.


. . . . .


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