Sector 9

What would you do if you found out your whole life was a lie?


2. Chapter 2: Will

May 27th


    It was odd, seeing a girl from the city so comfortable in the wild. It was like the unorganized purity was an old friend she had been disconnected with for awhile: She was still adjusting to the slight changes, but faster than anyone I had ever seen. I would never had guessed that she had been born a Citywalker.

    Usually, everything about a Sectorist seemed wrong: their unnaturally stiff posture, their bland grey clothes, their odd speech style and their identical personalities.  We were everything but in the Wander. Our posture was straight, but stronger from years of laboring for survival. Our clothes weren't gray, because if we had to pay for a dye,  we picked things like blue or black.  We spoke with a unique slang, and, compared to a Citywalker, we were infinitely diverse.

    But this girl was different. She was like a burlap sack that had been filled with far too much rice. She was bursting at the seams, struggling to contain herself before she burst. If we changed her outfit and handed her a couple of weapons, no one would bat an eye at her among a crowd of Wanderers. Well, maybe a couple of young men looking for a bride… she wasn't exactly bad looking.

    Maybe it was the way her brown hair was braided casually at her side, so unlike any Sectorist were allowed.  Maybe it was the was her grey eyes seemed to challenge you without words, seemed to be picking you apart, analyzing you even if she couldn't see you. Maybe it was the confident way she held herself, like she was hovering between a Wanderer and a Citywalker, like she didn't belong in either place, but wasn't exactly an outcast either.


    No, this girl was different.


    “Will!” She snapped, waving her hand in front of the peep hole in the gate I was guarding. “That is your name, isnt it? Please, just let us through.”  I tore my eyes away from the girl’s face and observed the other kids around her. There were 3 more of them. I could tell from their apparel that one was a girl, and the other two were boys. The one nearest to her side looked like he could be her brother, while the other boy had his hood up so I couldn't see his face. He was easily the tallest, even though the numbers sewn onto his shirt said that he was 16, just the same as the rest of them.

    “Will!” Called a voice from behind me. I could tell at once that it was Maggie. How could I not recognize her voice? She had acted as my mother figure since I was dumped in the Wander as an infant, even though she was only 14 years older than me. She was 30 now, but she still looked 20, with braided blonde hair and the usual Wanderer tan. “Keith needs your help loading the new harvest into the oxcart.”

    “Alright, tell him I’m coming.” I replied. Keith hated to be kept waiting. “Garret!” I called to a sandy haired boy standing on the platform near the top of the wall that divided us from the city. “Let them in. Maxine, pat them down. Joanne, when they’re clean take them to Octavian for re clothing and weaponry.”

    “Yes, sir!” Said Garret, saluting. I laughed and took off to help Keith, leaving the new Wanderers behind.


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