Sector 9

What would you do if you found out your whole life was a lie?


1. Chapter 1: Maddy

May 18th

    Rebellion always found me when no one was watching. It whispered in my ear thoughts I shouldn't have had. It tugged my eyes towards things I was forbidden to observe: the purple wildflowers that grew behind the dumpster in sector 4, the shapes that formed in the clouds overhead, my reflection in the puddles in the street. Rebellion played birdsong in my ear and told me to laugh at things that most people wouldn't understand. But I was always pried from it by the words I knew my superiors would utter if they knew my secret: that I was a Treacherous.

    Treachery. It was a word I heard often, though perhaps more than most people. Maybe other kids whose parents worked in sector 6 heard it as often as I did. Maybe, like me, they heard it whispered through the walls. Maybe, like me, they heard it late at night when their parental units thought they were asleep. Maybe, like me, they had seen the book on their parents desk on those nights that they forgot to put it away after flicking through their assigned security footage.

    The book labeled Treacherous Beings.

    Maybe they, like me, didn't dare look in it in case they found a name and face that belonged to them among its numerous pages.



    My twin brother’s voice pulled me from my thoughts.

    “Maddy!” He called, leaning out the back window of our housing unit in Sector 2, Unit 5, Section 9. His eyes flicked across the small red flower in my hand, and the smile froze on his face momentarily. He seemed to mentally shake himself before adding: “The news is on.”

    I smiled at him, slipping the flower in the pocket of my bland grey pants. Leave it to Donovan to remember that I liked the news, even though it was nothing special. The workers in sector one would just take livestreams from the cameras all around Ipsum and broadcast it on our holoblocks. Most people don’t watch, but I like to map where each camera resides on the back of my school homework folder. So far, I have about 92 of them scratched onto the page throughout all 8 sectors of Ipsum.

    It was a strange thing, I thought as my mind wandered from the holoblock, that it was never hard to avoid the government’s eyes when I was looking for peculiar things. They always seemed to lurk out of sight, beckoning from the darkest corners, just out of the camera’s line of vision.

    Donovan nudged me with his elbow, seeing the dreamy look in my eyes. He was always trying to protect me, even from my own thoughts.

    “Look, Maddy. The school rep from Sector 4 is going to announce the new grade studies for the 9th semester!” Said Donovan, hardly able to contain his excitement. Donovan loved school.

    The bland woman from Sector 4, education, stood in front of a camera in the concrete courtyard in front of my school, a sheet of paper held out in front of her, reading in a monotonous voice.

    “Grade 3: Discipline, Grade 4: Ipsum Contracts of Unity, Grade 5: The Importance of Sectors…” She continued to drone on, Donovan absorbing her every word, but something else had caught my eye. It was barely anything really, just a slight stir of movement, and something almost like a flash of flesh… But it couldn't be…

    The low hum of the woman’s voice was gone. Her eyes widened, and she turned to her left slowly, her mouth dropping open, emitting a shrill, bloodcurdling scream.


And then she was gone.


In her place stood a being with a humanoid form, but it was far from being human. The figure’s skin was pale and sickly gray, with deep purple veins popping out from beneath  it’s forehead skin. It had a bright red stain smeared across its mouth, and it’s eyes were rolling in their sockets, bloodshot with blackened pupils. It held something in it’s mouth, something that almost looked like flesh…


The holloblock went black.









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